Update on Motocross plan a highlight of Dubois Town Council; Sewer project approved

(Dubois, Wyo.) -One Dubois resident and two members of the press attended Wednesday night’s regularly scheduled Town Council meeting held at Town Hall.

Dubois resident Cody Flynn updated Mayor Twila Blakeman and town council members on what had been completed on the planning for a Motocross course project he and other Dubois youth are working on. The course is planned on city-owned land above the town on the overlook. The group presented the idea to the mayor and council at the last town council meeting held on April 10th. At that time it was agreed that the Town attorney should make a determination if the Motorcross use fit within the covenants of the deed for the property. The next step would be the youth meeting with town officials to review plans, course layout and parking layout on site.  Flynn offered to coordinate a meeting with the head of the Motocross Association in Riverton and Dubois town officials on Saturday April 27th at 11 a.m. at the Dubois Town Overlook property. The group would evaluate available property and determine the best fit for a preliminary course layout.

Action items approved at the meeting included:

-Approval to authorize Mayor Blakeman to sign a $513,940 construction contract with High Country Construction and the Notice to Proceed for the 2012 Sewer Rehabilitation and Sawmill Water Project.

-Approval to authorize Mayor Blakeman to enter into a contract with Dick Stock Contracting for the construction of Absaroka Drive ( Dubois Assisted Living )  in the amount $85,817 contingent upon funding approval from the Wyoming Business Council.

-Approval to authorize Mayor Blakeman to sign the Remedy Agreement for the remediation of the Dubois Sawmill Property with the Department of Environmental Quality.

-Approval to authorize Mayor Blakeman to solicit Statements of Qualifications and Experience from airport consultants for engineering services for the Dubois Municipal Airport.

-Approval of a budget request from the High Country Senior Center for $6,852 from the General Fund to be used as a matching fund for State and Federal Grants.

-Approval to structure the terms of  Dubois Municipal Airport leases to all renew July 1, 2020.

-Approval of accounts payable list dated April 19, 2013.

The public meeting adjourned at approximately 7:25 p.m. before an executive session was held to discuss personnel issues.

(Photo by June Bonasera)