Video: Fight at St. Stephen’s v. Little Snake River basketball game earlier this year

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Lander Police Department released today a video of a fight that occurred at the Bob Carey Memorial Fieldhouse at Lander Valley High School on the evening of Feb. 21. The fight occurred in the stands during a game between St. Stephen’s and Little Snake River schools during the 1A Basketball tournament. The video was filmed by the school’s surveillance video system.

Immediately following the fight, police placed Bryan Brown, 39, of Riverton, and Ladeena Bell, 38, of Riverton, for Assault. In the days following, Agnes Spoonhunter, 40, of Riverton, was cited for Peace Disturbance, and a 17-year-old Riverton boy was cited for Assault and Battery.

Carey believed only individuals from one team’s side were involved in the fight.

The Wyoming High School Activities Association has placed St. Stephens on probation for one year (2013-2014 school year), after a number of mostly fan related issues at various games and some player ejections. The WHSAA is working with SS on an action plan to address the various issues, according to Commissioner Ron Laird. If things get worse or do not improve, the Eagles risk being disqualified from participating in any or all forms of post-season competition.

Carey said he is releasing the video now, because he believes most of the suspects have gone through adjudication process and the city’s attorney approved the release.

The video shows a couple of individuals apparently speaking to each other before one pushes the other. Three police officers were on scene at the time, two of which were in uniform. Another patrol officer  joined when the fight was reported at 8:31 p.m., and LVHS staff helped break it up. Carey said he will publicly commend some of the citizens at a later date.

“A woman complained that was directly involved in the fight about her 4 year old little girl,” Carey wrote in an e-mail. “This woman claimed her daughter was hurt due to the first person who was shoved. The video showed no intent from anyone to hurt the 4 year old, just very poor judgement from the adults involved.”