Watch 2nd annual Cowboy State Cow Horse Classic today and tomorrow

(Sammi Philleo of Kinnear turning a cow on the fence during a CSSHA Working Cow Horse Show held in 2012. Photo provided)

(Riverton, Wyo) – Get out and participate or come watch the 2nd annual Cowboy State Cow Horse Classic! On June 22 & 23, The Cowboy State Stock Horse Association (CSSHA) will hold the second and third shows of our Summer Series, billed as the 2nd annual Cowboy State Cow Horse Classic. Location is the Wind River Hotel and Casino outdoor arena 3 miles south of Riverton, on Highway 789. $2500 in prize money will be given out per day.

Working Cow Horse Competitions pit horse and rider against one cow in the arena, and show off the skills required for controlling cattle by maneuvering them to turn back and forth on the fence and run a figure-8 pattern, usually at a dead run. A reining pattern with sliding stops and 360 degree spins is also part of the competition. If you’ve watched it before, or you’re curious to see it for the first time, you’ll enjoy the excitement of watching good horses and horsemanship. Spectators are welcome; there is no charge for watching and cheering.

For more information contact Show Directors Pam Rivers (privers@wyoming.com307-851-9452) and Shannnon LeGault (CakinCareOfBusiness@gmail.com307-240-4772.) An awards dinner at the Wind River Casino will follow at 6:30 P.M. Saturday evening. The contestant’s dinner is complimentary.

The schedule for the remaining 2013 Working Cow Horse Summer Series competitions and clinics are: 

July 20             CSSHA Summer Series Shows #4, Pavillion. $1500 prize money.

                        Judge-Jeremy Knoles.

July 21                         Jeremy Knoles cow horse clinic on Sunday at Pavillion.

Aug. 24 & 25   CSSHA Summer Series Shows #5 & #6, Pavillion. $1500 prize money.

Judge-Ward Fenton.