Wind River Visitor Council’s Ambassador Campaign Promotes County Tourism

(Fremont County, Wyo) – You may have seen them in the paper, heard them on the radio (listen here), seen them online, or spotted them on posters. They are your friends, local business people, and neighbors. They are our local Ambassadors, and they are part of the Wind River Visitor Council’s “Help a tourist; help your town” campaign, because the more welcome visitors feel, the more likely they are to stay longer and come back sooner. And that helps our businesses.

The goal is to get all Fremont County residents — from obvious partners like Chambers of Commerce to less likely ones like waitstaff, convenience store clerks, and retail employees — to help visitors explore our diverse communities. Locals don’t need to know a detailed bucket list of things to do; they simply need to direct visitors to the website, point to a poster in their window, or suggest they pick up a Wind River Country driving tour map and Vacation Guide brochure. Locals can also direct visitors to our Chambers of Commerce where they have posters, driving tour maps and Vacation Guide brochures available.

The Wind River Visitors Council’s website has a host of resources for visitors. And since it’s fully mobile device-friendly, it’s easy to use on-the-road.

The newest part of the Wind River Country Ambassador Campaign, geared to locals and tourists alike, are colorful posters created to help people know what there is to do around Dubois, Lander, Riverton and the Wind River Indian Reservation.

“If a visitor asks someone at a motel, restaurant or gas station what there is to do in the area, and there’s a poster in the window showing lots of activities, we hope our locals can point our visitors in the direction of the poster,” said Paula McCormick, marketing agent for the Wind River Visitors Council. “If travelers see all the fun things to do in our area, they might stay longer. That’s part of our plan,” continued McCormick.

While the media campaign takes place this summer to educate our local folks, Wind River Country maps and brochures, detailing 7 self-guided driving tours and all the things to do here, have been distributed around the county to highlight the richness of the Wind River region.

This past spring, the Wyoming Department of Transportation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Wind River Visitor Council. The purpose was to share the “Togwotee Trail to Yellowstone” advertising campaign that had been developed for 7 years during the Togwotee Road Construction project. The “Togwotee Trail to Yellowstone” campaign’s goal was to encourage visitors to keep traveling over Togwotee Pass during major construction. Now that the highway construction has been completed, the Wind River Visitors Council wants to continue to educate county residents about the benefits of tourism for their community. We want local citizens to understand that when they help a tourist, they also help their town, their friends and neighbors. So don’t hesitate to be an ambassador by helping the next visitor to your town have an authentic Wind River Country vacation and point them to, a poster or a brochure.

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To learn more about what Wind River Country has to offer, or to request a vacation packet, please visit us at Wind River Country or call 800-645-6233.

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