County to continue seeking funding options for Riverton justice center

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Last week the Fremont County Commission approved moving to the next design phase for a future Riverton Justice Center, and today the committee in charge of looking at large projects was instructed to explore more funding possibilities.

The driving force behind replacing the Riverton court facility was the discovery of a bullet hole last summer that pierced the exterior of the building and entered into the courtroom. Since that time the commission has surrounded the Riverton justice center, which also houses county attorney and sheriff’s offices, with Conex boxes for added protection.

The commission met this afternoon with the Capital Improvement Maintenance Projects: Long-term Committee (CIMPL) to go over several items. The CIMPL committee, made up of several county officials, review and prioritize large funding requests from within and outside of the county.

Commission Vice Chairman Travis Becker said last week the county board approved spending more than $70,000, which had already been allocated in the budget process, to move into the design phase of the new building. Reilly Johnson Architecture is doing the design. The initial design phase has already been completed.

The third phase would be construction documents, and the fourth phase would be construction management.

Earlier this year the State Loan and Investment Board denied Fremont County its request for $2.6 million to help fund a new Justice Center in Riverton. Becker said he felt if more of the plans were place, it would help them in future funding requests. The entire project is estimated to cost $4,993,000.

Commission Chairman Doug Thompson asked the CIMPL committee to “start looking at the project this fall and come up with a range of options.”

“This should be the main issue that will affect CIMPL for a while,” he said.

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