High speed chase suspect on the loose after being released from Utah hospital

(Uintah County, Utah) – The 34-year-old woman who crashed in Riverton on Monday evening following a multi-county high speed chase has eluded law enforcement once again.

“The hospital let her out,” Uintah County, Utah Deputy Attorney John Gothard said of Jamie Cleghorn. Following Monday’s wreck, Cleghorn was life-flighted to the University of Utah Hospital.

Cleghorn is wanted in Wyoming and Utah for more than 40 warrants. Among the charges she faces abroad are stealing the identities of people, manufacturing other identities, passing counterfeit money, possessing drugs, child abuse and giving pornography to children under the age of 10.

Gothard said in an interview Friday morning that hospital staff were supposed to notify law enforcement when Cleghorn was cleared to leave, but that didn’t happen and she is on the run again. She was released by hospital staff around 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

“We have no knowledge of where she is,” Gothard said. He said it is unknown what kind of transportation she might be using or any direction of travel.

“She’s definitely a danger to the people around her,” he said, noting she allegedly almost struck several Wyoming Highway Patrol vehicles in the chase and ultimately did crash into a civilian vehicle.

Fremont County Attorney Michael Bennett said charges stemming from the chase have not yet been filed.

“We’ll look at the reports, file the appropriate charges and just wait and see,” he said. Bennett noted that the severity of some of the charges Cleghorn faces will likely put Fremont County lower on the priority list when it comes to which agency or county will get the first chance to prosecutor her. He added that it will also depend on what she’s up to when she next gets caught.

He called her actions in Fremont County “despicable.”

One option, should Cleghorn get caught again, would be for him work with out-of-state jurisdictions to get restitution for crimes that occurred here without pressing additional charges. “We’ve got victims here we’d certainly like to be made whole,” Bennett said.

Anyone who might witness Cleghorn or knows something about her whereabouts are encouraged to contact law enforcement.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Lt. Darwin Glasgow said, “We don’t expect her to come back this way.”

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