Franklin Lee Martel III


(Ethete, Wyo.) – Franklin Lee Martel III age 31 passed away Monday, September 16, 2013 at the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, WY.  He was born January 25, 1982 in Lander the son of Franklin Martel Jr. and Bernelle Deputee Martel.

He attended schools at Wyoming Indian, Wind River, Araphaoe, St. Stephens, St. Labrre and CWC.  He was a welder and a med tech.  He enjoyed fishing, hunting, working on cars, cooking, grilling, helping others, speaking Arapaho, going to the mountains and being outdoors, shooting guns and throwing knives, shooting pool and throwing darts, slicing game meat and making chokecherry patties, cutting lumber, tending to horses, participating and attending Native American Ceremonies.

He is survived by his parents; companion, Sara Segura; sisters, Erin (Shawn) Martel, Kristen, Ione, Fatima and Loretta Martel, Amy C’Hair, Shawna Jo Bell, Eugenia and Alta Mary Deputy, Rowena Lessard, Amber and Tiffany Deputee, Cleone and LaShay Shawl, Francesca, Cabrina, Trixy and Trista Phelan, Heather Morgan and Roylynn Rides Horse, Danelle (Charles) Lonedog, Vernita Thunder, LaDawn & Courtney Smith, Janessa Glenmore, Angel Todd, Jennifer and Virginia Eagle, Glenda Carrie & Joely Littlebird, Rosa Dodge, Cassie Tyler; brothers, Brett and Lee Martel, Mitchell Dupree, Phil & Eric Vigil, Michael & Hawk Bell, Mitchell Jude Warren Jr., Buffalo Martel, Kenneth Lessard, Brent Terranance, Sean & Kyle Yellowplume, Darnell, Tougar, Merval Phelan, Joseph Morgan Jr. , Micah & James Shawl, Roy Rides Horse Jr., Bobby & Scott Takes Enemy, Roy & Gordon Eagle, Joey Littlebird, Justin & Chucky Dodge, Jopey & Barney Tyler, Ramelle & Reland Wanstall, Ken, Kendall & Nathaniel Deputee, Brad Harris, Tracy & Tory Burson, Tyson Smith, Crow Chief Thunder, Leslie & Cameron Todd; grandparents, Mary Big Hair-Deputee, Verna Thunder, Caroline Goggles, Clara Thunder, Richard Thunder, Eugene & Mildred Goggles, Darrell & Florine Hutchinson, Lloyd & Alvena Pickett; aunts, Sharon Bell, Connie Martel, RaDonna Martel, Cheryl & Myron Littlebird, Marilyn & Frank Eagle, Carolyn & Charles Dodge, Marvene & Janell Thunder, Clarinda Calling Thunder, Ella & Albert Chavez, Alta & Isaac Chavez, Jenny Phelan, Letty & Joe Morgan Sr., Ernestine & Jerry Pretty Weasel, Frances & Robert Takes Enemy, Linda & Kenny Shawl, Rhonda & Shannon Glenmore, Julene & Calvin Todd, Carol, Cathy & Karen Snyder; uncles, Wes Martel, Kenneth & Eugene Deputee, Gordon Wanstall, Lydell Thunder, William Carpenter Sr., Rick Brannan, Buddy & Robert Hall, Jim & Linda Large, Pat & Charlotte Goggles and Virgil & Rose SunRhodes; other family members, Reno & Rocket Watson, Quentin Martel, Mason Boatwright, Devin, Brett, Sumner & Korbin Martel, Russell Hebah, Bradley Martel, Troy & Chase Markus, nieces Kayla Hebah, Nies, Trinity & Madison Martel, Lela C’Hair, Tianna & Taylor Trosper, Katelyn Brown, Kayliah Martel, Tevin Brown & Ryan  & Teryn Martel; aunts & uncles Gary & Mike LaJeunesse, Merton, Brian, Milton & Kenneth Trosper, Gary Patrick & Dean Goggles, Dan & Vicky Ortiz, Bob Coulston, Ronnie, Bill, Preston& Julian Armour, Patrick, Vernon, Alden & Robby Harris, Deland & Donny Quiver, Byron & Bill Sage, Western Thayer, Allison Sage Jr., Annette Velarde, Maxine Trosper, Georgie Crawford, Cindy, Becky & Ardeena Sage, Mary Katherine & Rosanna Armour, Celeste, Iris & Christy Coulston, Rosella, Debbie & Donna Harris, Mary Jane Whiteman. Please accept our apologies if we have missed any family members.

He was preceded in death by Franklin & Loretta Martel Sr., James Deputee, Richard & Ione, Wanstall, William & Cleone Thunder, Roy & Viola Wanstall, Florence Hall, Violetta Buckman, Richard & Agnes Ortiz, Adeline Armour, Edlor Quiver, Victor, Laura, Thomas, Robert & Paul Revere, Tyrell Takes Enemy, Reid Bell, Christopher & Hawk Bell, John Yellowplume III, Kevin Lessard, Brian Willow, Brett Martel Jr., Rena Wanstall, Melecia Hall, William Thunder Jr., Tony Brannan, William Thunder III, Lonnie Bell Sr., Donald Bell, Jess Large Keith Goggles, Bruce Chavez, Dave Guerue, Thayne Thunder, Ron Wanstall, Dodie Harris, Evan Smith, Chris, Bobby Jo & Peter Goggles, Joe Sage, Burton Hutchinson, James Trosper, Reuben & Joseph Martel, Victor Revere Sr., Katherine LaJeunesse, Pearl Brown, Hazel Sage, Bridgette Trosper, Katherine Snyder, Grace Schamp & Laura Revere.

Funeral Services will be held Saturday, September 21st at 10:00 AM at Blue Sky Hall in Ethete.  An Evening Service will also be held at Blue Sky Hall from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM with a Wake to follow at the family residence #241 Willow Street, Ethete.  Interment will be in the Friday Cemetery.  Services provided by Wind Dancer Funeral Home.