Police Botter: Arrests; Female victim assaulted on pathway reported to be improving; 83-year-old in crash with sheriff’s unit

(Lander, Wyo.) – Thursday’s law enforcement recap from across Fremont County. All persons arrested or cited are considered innocent until convicted in a court of law.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office


Michael Downey, 27, Riverton, Probation Violation.


Fremont County Sheriff’s Lt. Bill Braddock said on Thursday morning that Aleeah Crispin, the female victim in the Rails to Trails attack from earlier this month, is out of a coma. While he hadn’t spoken with the victim’s family in last day or so, it was his understanding that she is awake, speaking and “on the road to recovery.” “I’m pleased for her and her family,” he said. Read more about the case, in which Crispin was beaten and a 25-year-old man was killed, here. John Potter and Santana Mendoza, both juveniles, have been charged with Second Degree Murder and Attempted Second Degree Murder in that case.

At 11:59 a.m., deputies were called to Kinnear for a dispute between a landlord and a tenant over turning on water.

Shoshoni Police Department were called to the 200 block of East Sixth Street for a report of a fight between two men. One reportedly threw a rock at the other’s truck.

Deputies were called to the 200 block of Gas Hills Road near Riverton for a report of a family fight. The caller stated a woman had a broken jaw. Deputies determined there to be no injuries, and no arrests were made.

Deputies were called to Foxtail Lane near Riverton by a man who said 4-6 of his neighbors dogs attacked his own before running off.

A man in Hudson at 6:18 p.m. reported a possible stolen gun.

At 10:53 p.m. a woman in Kinnear called and told deputies that there was someone was outside and wanting to hurt her. Upon a return phone call the woman didn’t remember calling the authorities.

At 12:14 a.m. on Thursday, deputies were called to Webbwood Road in Riverton for a report of a woman who returned from out of town and found her keys to not work on the door lock. She also said she saw the door handle turning and ran to her car. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone inside. Deputies assisted the woman with the lock, which appeared to be stuck, and there was no one found inside the home.

At 7:18 a.m. on Thursday, deputies were called to the area of Burma and Darnall roads for an older tan-colored passenger car that passed a bus illegally.


Lander Police Department


Ivan Bear, 44, St. Stephen’s, Public Intoxication and Open Container. Lt. Chuck Carr said officers were called at about 10:45 p.m. on Wednesday to the Maverik store for a report of an intoxicated man asking for rides. Police were unable to locate the man then, but they were called back at 2:10 a.m. by Loaf n Jug for the same man who was then walking north on Second Street. Police located Bear, matching the description, in the alley on the 200 block of Main Street. He was found to have an open vodka bottle on him and reportedly had a .239 BAC.


Police responded to a wreck at Loaf n Jug at 8:22 a.m. on Wednesday, when one vehicle reportedly was backing out of the lot when it collided with a vehicle traveling on South Second Street. More than $1,000 in damage was caused.

Officers issued two citations to a vehicle parked in 2-hour parking for more than four hours. The original caller reported the blue Subaru had been parked in the area of Third and Main streets since Sunday.

At 9:55 a.m., police were called to the Maverik for a report of a vehicle that left the business with the gasoline hose still attached. It reportedly ripped the hose off the station. Carr was unsure if the suspect vehicle had been located.

At 4:53 p.m., police were called by a man who reported about $500 missing from a bank account. Follow-up is continuing.

One of the vehicles involved in wreck at the intersection of Highways 287 and 789 in Lander on Thursday morning. (Joshua Scheer photo)

One of the vehicles involved in wreck at the intersection of Highways 287 and 789 in Lander on Thursday morning. (Joshua Scheer photo)

Police, EMS and Volunteer Firefighters were called around 10:15 a.m. on Thursday to the intersection of Highway 287 and 789 for a personal injury wreck. At least two vehicles were involved and at least one person was being evaluated by EMS. Additional details were not readily available.


Riverton Police Department


Joseph Babcock, 24, Riverton, on a Failure to Appear warrant

18-year-old Riverton male, who was found passed out on the playground of St. Margaret’s School was taken to the alcohol detox center and cited for Minor Under the Influence. His BAC level was measured at .29 percent.

Three juvenile males at Riverton High School, ages 16, 16, and 15 years old, were cited for Fighting In Public after an altercation was broken up in a hallway at RHS. The fight was allegedly over a Facebook post. The three were referred to Fremont County Youth Services for a follow-up visit.

An 18-year-old Riverton female was cited for Minor Under the Influence after she was found hiding behind a truck after allegedly trying to enter a residence in the 300 block of North 15th East at 1:34 p.m. The woman reported she had been “jumped” and was suffering from sore ribs. She was transported to the hospital for observation.

Jerome Warren, 38, Arapahoe, on a Contempt of Court warrant. His BAC level was .29 percent.

An 83-year-old female of Riverton was written a citation to be served for Failure to Yield when crossing a roadway after she pulled out infront of a Fremont County Sheriff’s Department vehicle running with lights and siren on North Federal Bouelvard. The deputy was responding to a call of an unresponsive person on the bike path. He struck the passenger side trunk of the woman’s 2003 Buic Century with his right front deer guard assembly. The woman, however, did not stop but drove into the Kmart parking lot and entered the store to go shopping. She was crossing the street from Walmart to Kmart at the time of the crash. When contacted by a RPD officer inside the store, the woman did acknowledge that she had been in a wreck. She did not state why she left the scene. Because the crash involved a Fremont County Sheriff’s vehicle, the RPD is conducting the investigation into the incident. Damage was over $1,000.

Two 15-year-old Riverton males were cited for Fighting in Public after police were called to the 1200 block of East Lincoln where a large group of juveniles had formed a circle around two other juveniles. One of the juveniles was reportedly using a skate board to hit the other. Upon police arrival, they contacted the victim who had been struck, who said he had been using the skateboard to protect himself, when the other youth took it away from him. The two were apparently involved in an altercation at the Fremont County Fair this past August, and the bad feelings between the two had not eased. The two juveniles were transported to their respective homes and given a referral to Fremont  County Youth Services.

Stephenie Brown, 25, Riverton Shoplifting and Public Intoxication. Police were called to the Family Dollar store in the 500 block of East Pershing where Brown allegedly left the store with a $2.63 bottle of mouthwash. A man with her was also reported to have taken some mouthwash. For whatever reason, the woman returned to the store, gave back the mouthwash, and then proceeded to try to fight a clerk there. That’s when police arrived and placed her under arrest. Officers were unable to locate the man.

Levon Jaure, 30, Riverton, Interference. BAC level of .24 percent. Jaure’s probation officer was also forwarded information on his arrest.

A 22-year-old Riverton female, Domestic Violence Assault. Police were called at 1 a.m. Thursday to the 200 block of Park Crest Way where a family fight had been reported. The female had allegedly pushed a man against walls of the home numerous times and threw a plastic cup into his face during an argument.


A semi-trailer rig making a fuel delivery at the RTO Hilltop in the 900 block of West  Main took out a city dumpster, unbeknownst to the driver, at 8:19 a.m. Wednesday. The rear trailer of the 2009 T-800 Kenworth rig hit the east side of the dumpster and folded it inward, making it unusable. Insurance information was exchanged between the driver’s company and the Riverton Streets and Alleys Department.

A vandalism was reported at the FCSD#25 Alternative School Wednesday, however other details were not available.

A REDDI report was phoned in in the 2150 block of North Federal just past 2 p.m. The driver was contacted and he had not been drinking.

A man reported to be unresponsive on the Rails to Trails pathway was found to be highly intoxicated and was transported by ambulance to Riverton Memorial Hospital with a high BAC level.

A minor crash between a white 1999 Plymouth Voyager and a white 1999 Nissan Titan pickup was reported in the 1600 block of West Main at 2:45 p.m. There were no injuries.

A low-hanging wire across an alleyway in the 1600 block of Main Street was reported at 3:10 p.m. The power company was advised to check the line.

A minor crash between a red 1997 GMC and a green 2007 Subaru was reported in the 800 block of North Federal Wednesday at 3:32 p.m. There were no injuries.

Police received a call from the Lake Havasu City, Arizona, police department asking for their assistance in an interview with an inmate at the Wyoming Honor Farm.

The case against a 15-year-old girl who came home with alcohol and was being belligerent is pending. The report was filed at 6:11 p.m. in the 800 block of Liberty Drive.

A group of four to five youngsters aged between 5 and 8 years-old were caught throwing small apples into traffic near the intersection of South Broadway and East Monroe at 6:40 p.m.. The mothers of the children were contacted and the kids were taken home for the evening.

A couple engaged in a loud verbal argument resulted in a call to police when the male half of the argument threatened to smash an aquarium with a hammer. The two were separated for the night. The fish inside the aquarium were not injured.

A burglary was reported at 2:20 a.m. today at the Wendy’s Restaurant parking lot on North Federal. Apparently a worker there had bragged about having $300 in cash that evening, but he had placed it in his wallet which was locked in his car. When his shift ended, the worker discovered a rear window on his car broken out and upon further investigation, the wallet and $300 was gone. Police are interviewing employees at the restaurant and the investigation is ongoing.