Three arrested and charged for conspiracy to deliver meth in Riverton

(The Fremont County Courthouse in Lander.)

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation earlier this month arrested another three individuals in an ongoing crackdown against methamphetamine distribution in Fremont County.

Richard Christian, Elaine Fasthorse and Rose Bell all face one charge of Conspiracy to Possess Methamphetamine with Intent to Deliver. All three were arrested in Riverton on Sept. 3. The charge that each faces is punishable by up to 20 years in prison and/or $25,000 in fines.

Christian and Fasthorse remain in custody under $25,000 bonds each, and both cases have been bound over to Wyoming’s Ninth District Court. Bell is in jail under a $10,000 bond. Her preliminary hearing in Riverton Circuit Court is scheduled for Oct. 2. Arraignment dates for Christian and Fasthorse are not yet set.

The three arrests follow multiple other conspiracy to delivery methamphetamine cases against Lander, Hudson and Riverton residents.

The affidavit in the case was written by DCI Special Agent Brady Patrick, and in the court documents he says on Sept. 2 he was notified by DCI’s Southwest Enforcement team that a confidential informant (CI) had worked with several individuals concerning meth in Riverton.

“CI informed me that on four prior occasions within the last 3 months, either he/she or he/she’s marital partner had met with a person known to CI as ‘Rich’ in Riverton, Wyoming wherein CI or CI’s marital partner would provide ‘Rich’ with quantities of methamphetamine ranging between 6 grams and 9 grams,” states the affidavit. “According to CI, the arrangement had been on these prior occasions that CI or CI’s marital partner would provide methamphetamine to ‘Rich’ on a front basis. ‘Rich’ would then go and sell the methamphetamine and return to the CI or CI’s marital partner with proceeds from Rich’s sale of the fronted methamphetamine to others.”

The charging documents state that phone calls originating with the informant’s phone were monitored and arrangements were made for a similar transaction to take place on the Tomahawk Motel in Riverton. DCI agents then allegedly observed Christian entering the informant’s room on Sept. 3, and he was provided with 5 grams of fake methamphetamine. After leaving with the benign substance, DCI agents contacted and arrested Christian.

That same day, Agents allegedly watched Fasthorse and Bell contact the informant at the Tomahawk Motel, and Fasthorse gave $160 to the informant for 1 gram of methamphetamine. The substance was actually benign. After both Fasthorse and Bell were contacted by DCI, the affidavit states Bell said she had been asked to drive Fasthorse to the motel for the purpose of purchase meth. Text messages obtained from Bell’s and Fasthorse’s phones indicated others had requested them to get meth for them.