City of Riverton urging residents to haul broken branches to yard waste recycling at bale station; It’s free

Ted Ray helped Betty Edwards clear her yard of broken tree branches this morning. The city’s recycling center is accepting the broken limbs at no charge. (Ernie Over photo) 

(Riverton, Wyo.) – There was a line at the Riverton Bale Station as pickup and truck loads of broken branches arrived at the city’s yard waste recycling area today in the wake of the first major heavy snowfall of the season. With leaves still on the trees, the heavy snow resulted in lots of tree damage all over the city.

Riverton City Administrator Steven Weaver told that there is no charge for residents to drop off their broken tree branches and limbs at the Bale Station. He said neighbors had been helping neighbors clear away the downed branches and were hauling them to the recycling area. The city maintains a wood chipper there and the branches, and other yard waste, are chopped up and eventually become compost.

“The mayor and I just got back from a drive around town and I didn’t realize the magnitude of the damage,” Weaver said Friday afternoon. “We have a lot of trees and branches down in our city parks and on nearly every city street.”

Weaver encouraged neighbors to help each other clear away the debris.

“If there are still branches laying around in a week or so, we’ll check those addresses to see why the branches haven’t been removed,” Weaver said. “If the residents are elderly or disabled, we’ll see what we can do to help, otherwise all branches should be taken to the recycling area.”

The yard waste recycling center is located at the end of East Park at the Fremont County Solid Waste Management District’s bale station and the CES/City of Riverton recycling center.

The city had already planned two “clean up” days this fall. In a unique approach that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, the city will host a “Treasure swap” at the City Hall parking lot on October 18th. People can bring unwanted items they plan to discard and others can check the loot and see if there is anything they want. Then on Oct. 19th, the city will have three collection point set up around town where residents can bring unwanted items for disposal. More information will be forthcoming prior to the clean-up dates with specific times and locations.