Police find woman high on “Monster Meth” talking to a rooftop

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Riverton Police responded to the 900 block of East Park Avenue at 10:53 a.m. Thursday when a homeowner reported someone she didn’t know was in her back yard and talking to the roof of her house.

Police contacted Melissa Moss, 26, of Ethete, who was apparently high on a new kind of methamphetamine that has been circulating in Riverton, according to Police Captain Eric Murphy.  She was arrested for use of a controlled substance and public intoxication.

“This is the same thing we’ve been dealing with in the last 4-6 weeks. There’s a bad batch of meth in town, called monster meth, and people using it have been hallucinating really badly,” he said. “We had EMS (Fremont County Emergency Medical Services) check her out because she was sweating and hallucinating. She had also been drinking, but she refused a breath test. “

Murphy said police suspect the meth has been cut with something else that is creating the unusual reactions. “In this case she was in a back yard of someone she did not know and was talking to people on the roof who were not there,” he said.

When asked if the RPD was investigating the source of the monster meth, Murphy said those kind of investigations are handled by the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation along with the Federal Drug Enforcement Administration.

“We know there is some bad stuff in town, but so far we haven’t been able to find the kind these people have been taking to test it to see what’s in it.”

Murphy surmised that the best guess from law enforcement circles is that the drug is being laced with bath salts, but he said they don’t have any proof of that yet.

Murphy said the RPD has been seeing increased cases of people hallucinating and talking to boyfriends and/or girlfriends who are not there, or other odd behaviors.

10 thoughts on “Police find woman high on “Monster Meth” talking to a rooftop”

  1. its a shame that a young girl decided that monster meth is her thing. you never know what is being used to cut it. she is lucky all the lady did was call for assistance.

  2. I will always want the best for people and pray for strength to get them off these terrible drugs. Our world is being taken over by so many negative, life destroying chemicals…

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