Two Lander men among top placers in last weekend’s coding challenge in Denver

(Denver, Colo.) – Two Lander men, including one of County10’s own developers, took top spots in last weekend’s Google GovDev Challenge. The event brought computer coders from across Colorado and Wyoming to compete in a 24-hour coding contest, which was sponsored by both states.

County10’s Lee Pepper, as part of the Speed Goats team, took second place in the Disaster Assistance Center Automation challenge sponsored by the State of Colorado. Twelve teams participated in that challenge.

Lander’s Jared Kail, as part of the CodeRangers, took first place in the Budget Data Transparency challenge, sponsored by the State of Wyoming. Four teams participated in this challenge.

“The live-coding contest took place over 24 hours, beginning at noon on Saturday and ending at noon on Sunday,” GovDev representatives said. “Each sponsoring government agency identified an area of operations intended to become more efficient via crowd-sourced solutions and presented these as challenges to the participants. Coders were tasked with improving the way information is collected and distributed in the event of natural disasters and making it easier for the public to see where government money is spent.”

Teams were required to use at least one Google Technology, and they were not allowed to bring pre-existing code, mockups or other materials to the challenge. A panel of judges from the the states and Google judged the entries.

See the complete list of winners below.

Challenge 1. Disaster Assistance Center Automation
Sponsoring agency: State of Colorado

1st Prize: Gov Save, “Survivor Assistance Form Editor” (Mike Savoi, Mike Lockwitz, Andrew Van Tassel, Kelly Shuster)

2nd Prize: Speed Goats, “” (Lee Pepper, Jordan Dean, Marshall Moore, Shawn Becker, Jonathan Barella)

3rd Prize: Aktion Lab, “Colorado Responds” (Kevin Hotaling, Daniel Zokowski)

Challenge 2. Disaster Assistance Center Materials Management
Sponsoring agency: State of Colorado

1st Prize: Rockies Relief “Rockies Relief” (Venky Swaminathan, Darcy O’Connor, Paul Trebilicox-Ruiz, Prabhu Velayutham, Steve Juntunen)

2nd Prize: The 14ers, “Red October” (Josh Happoldt, Paul Knuth, Daniel Milburn)

3rd Prize: Project Isis “Supply Relief” (Aiko Cheslin, Paul Arterburn, Andrew Lampert, Ryan Dagg)

Challenge 3: Budget Data Transparency
Sponsoring agency: State of Wyoming, CIOs Office

1st Prize: CodeRangers “The Budget Transparency Project” (Mark Thoney, Jared Kail, Tighe Fagan, Anne Gunn)

2nd Prize: Team 22, “WyFi” (Dahl Winters)

3rd Prize: Team 3, “Auditor Search” (Ryan Fagan, Ben Arthur)

One thought on “Two Lander men among top placers in last weekend’s coding challenge in Denver”

  1. Hi County10! Thanks for posting about the event. It was a blast and was great to be part of the teams to represent our great state.

    If anyone is interested in our solution to the State of Wyoming's Challenge for the event, please try it out at We'd love your feedback on the form at the bottom of the page. Hopefully solutions like this will lead to more transparency and citizen involvement with the state budgeting and allocation processes.

    – Jared Kail, Wyolution, on behalf of team Code Rangers

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