Northern Arapaho Tribe issues banking guidelines for settlement checks; Law enforcement preparing to protect recipients

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – As Northern Arapaho Tribal Members are expected to receive substantial settlement checks later this week, the tribe is issuing advise on how to handle the funds and law enforcement is announcing a plan to keep check-bearing members of the community safe.

“Every enrolled Northern Arapaho member is entitled to $6,300 as a result of the settlement,” a statement from the NA Business Council states. “The funds represent compensation for minerals that were harvested from Northern Arapaho lands but for which the Tribe never received payment.”

Eastern Shoshone Tribal Members will also benefit from this settlement, however due to recent changes in the tribe’s council the checks have been delayed.

“In all, the Tribe and its members will receive $157 million in this settlement,” the NABC states. “Many of those dollars will be spent at businesses in Fremont County and Wyoming.”

“We expect these dollars to circulate through the Wyoming economy many times over, and provide a substantial financial boost, especially in Fremont County,” Arapaho Business Councilman Dean Goggles said.

The NACB has also compiled a list of guidelines for settlement recipients regarding how different banks will be handling the check. Read those here.

In a press conference this morning, Lander Police Chief Jim Carey said his agency, in cooperation with others, has put together a plan for the safety and security of tribal members who work, live and do business in Lander. Carey declined to comment on the details and duration of the plan, but he did say in the coming week residents could expect an increased law enforcement presence. Help from neighboring law enforcement will come into the county as well, he said.

Carey warned that settlement recipients could be targets of fraud and robbery. Det. Sgt. Fred Cox warns that if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. “Do not release any type of personal information to someone over the phone or you do not know,” Cox said. “If you have questions call your local bank or the Lander Police Department and we will be glad to offer any suggestions.”

When asked if LPD had received any credible public safety threats related to the settlement, Carey said there are no specific concerns at this time. However, he said the department is continue to gather information about possible threats.

“Our intent is to keep everyone safe,” he said.

Carey said that after all is said and done, he will be judged for his actions, and if the biggest complaint is that he overreacted and spent too much money, he will consider that a success.

Calls to Riverton Police and the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office for comment were not readily returned. Read the complete NACB statement below.

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