Lander Senator Cale Case will seek a fifth term

(Lander, Wyo.) – Wyoming State Senator Cale Case confirmed today that he will seek re-election.  A veteran of the Wyoming State Legislature, Case represents Senate District 25.  He is an economist and management consultant with a PhD from the University of Wyoming. Case lives in Lander and has one son, George.

Case has served four terms in the State Senate and three terms in the House of Representatives. “I’m so lucky,” he said. “It is the greatest job in the world.” Case will face opponents Joe Malek and Jennifer McCarty in the Republican primary.

Commenting on his legislative experience, Case said, “I am very proud of my record and my service to the people of Fremont County.” Case has sponsored many successful bills and is well known for his principled following of the U.S. and Wyoming Constitutions and his support for limited government and the defense of liberty.  He is also known for his backing of the Wyoming Life Resource Center in Lander.  In response to opponents who proposed closing the facility, Case and local proponents convinced the Legislature to pass a balanced study, which has led to increase funding, and an expanded mission for WLRC.

Citing his consistent opposition to the Legislature’s handling of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Case said “I think for myself.  I do not run after the crowd.  That is why I consistently voted against the unconstitutional SF 104, ‘Hill Bill”.  The Legislature was wrong to usurp the Wyoming Constitution and the peoples’ right to elect the Superintendent of Public Instruction.”

Case is Chairman of the Senate Corporations, Elections, and Political Subdivision Committee.  He is Co-Chairman of the Select Committee on Tribal Relations and Co-Chairman of the Select Committee on Legislative Technology and Process.  Case is also a member of the prominent Legislative Revenue Committee.  He serves on many other statewide committees, including a task force on digital privacy.

“I’m proud of the committee work I do,” he said. In an interview, Case said he is a proponent of changing a number of legislative processes, including improving the budget process. He believes it’s wrong that the Appropriations Committee doesn’t allow public comment at its meetings and wants more public access to process as budget amendments get introduced. Additionally, he said he’d like to see a break in the legislative session so Senators and Representatives can go home and gather input from constituents.

“Next to my son being born, serving the people of Fremont County has been the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.  I can never thank them enough,” Case said.

Case also said he knows that he is not a perfect legislator. “I don’t always vote right,” he said. “I make mistakes.”

He stated, “Wyoming faces challenges of vast distance, economic uncertainty and misguided federal policies.  We are blessed with a sturdy people and abundant natural resources – now attacked through national programs against domestic energy production.  To provide a bright future for our young people we must nurture our resources and embrace new challenges brought by our changing world.  We have a responsibility to provide economic opportunity for Wyoming citizens and protect our natural assets and quality of life.”

“I love Wyoming and its people.  It is the greatest place I know.  I have the passion, experience and compassion to do the very best job for Wyoming’s people,” the Lander native said.