Riverton Fifth Grade boys get adventure book to read through World Book Night program

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Rendezvous Elementary School Fifth Grade students in Kendra Bush’s reading class were treated to copies of a young adult adventure book this past week as part of World Book Night.

“Rangers Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan” was the selection for the boys to read. Bush said it was one book in a series, and if the boys like it, they could get access to the other books in the series. Each got to take a copy of the book home for their personal library.

To heighten awareness of the book, Bush put together a “video book trailer” similar what the kids would see at the movie theatre but featuring the characters in the book. By all appearances, the boys were hooked. To help the students read the book as a class, Mrs. Bush said she would be available for any of the students who wanted to bring their lunch to her classroom for the next four weeks, so they could read it together before the end of school.

In the classroom, she read the prologue with the students.

“The featured character is Will, a boy your age, whose goal is to save the King,” she said, as she began reading.

The 249-page book was a special edition, produced especially for World Book Night. Twenty students are in the reading class.