7 floor improvement ideas for your house or deck!

(Lander, Wyo.) – I’m a huge fan of natural wood floors. Always have been. They seem to go with everything and can really pull off a nice throw rug.

However, these seven floor ideas have me searching for a room in my house that needs an upgrade. I wouldn’t do this to beautiful natural wood floors unless they really needed a change. But hey, there’s always the deck outside!

# 1 – The Black and White Antique Stenciled Deck

Painted Deck
(Photo via The Hunted Interior)

Talk about a dramatic deck! This project isn’t for the faint of heart. You’re going to have to think about what you’ll put on the deck once you’re done. I love their fun outdoor furniture and waterproof pillows. Can’t you just picture yourself curled up sipping lemonade with friends all summer? I sure can! Click here for the full tutorial and be sure to send us a picture if you pull it off!

# 2 – Simple White and Beige Striped Deck

(Photo by Our Vintage Home Love)

I’m in love with this look. It’s one of my favorites. It reminds me of houses in New England but I think someone could pull this off in Fremont County!

I think it could also work with a slatted deck. I’d suggest painting two to three boards the same color and than switching to get the wide stripe look instead of alternating colors every other board. Click here for more photos.

# 3 – White and Natural Checkered Deck

Checkered deck
(Photo via Home Talk

This looks fun! It may take you all weekend but you’ll be very proud once you finish. I could see this working with many different types of outdoor furniture and potted plants. And it would be great fun for kids!
Click here for a detailed description of how they mastered the look.

# 4 – Hand-Painted Kitchen Floor

(Photo via Woman’s Day)

I’m guessing you have to be a bit of an artist for this one, unless you’re able to find a stencil online. But I do love the idea of simple paint on hard wood floors. You could find minimal designs if you wanted to simplify. This is just beautiful. It looks like a rug. I love it! Click here to find out how they achieved the look.

# 5 – Mint Stencil on Natural Wood Floors

(Photo via Hotel Chic)

This is a great idea if you don’t want a rug in your bedroom but want to dress up the floors. It’s so modern and simple looking. I’m sure it takes a bit of planning and a lot of tape to achieve, but it would be worth it!

# 6 – Enough of the wood floors. Let’s take a look at linoleum!

(Photo via Creek Bed Threads)

After reading through this blog, it’s clear they did a lot more than paint the vinyl! This is a serious project. I’d suggest calling the experts at Gales Carpet One or Ron’s Flooring! You can get supplies and really do it right! Or, you could always paint your old vinyl like the next post! 

# 7 –
Painted Checkered Vinyl Kitchen Floors 

Screen shot 2014-04-25 at 12.09.53 PM
(Photo via Beautiful Nest)

This would help brighten up those medium brown kitchen floors I’ve seen in so many Fremont County houses. If you aren’t able to start fresh with brand new floors, try painting them! Make sure you throughly clean and sand the floors first. (Don’t you dare paint over the dirt!) Click here for the detailed description of how this blogger painted their floors.

We’d love to hear about your crafty projects in the comment section. Send photos/ideas to ally@pitchengine.com and we may feature them! You can also find more home improvement projects by visiting our Pinterest page here.

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