It’s a house built by sophomores; Leadership Fremont County visited site today

(Riverton, Wyo.) – It is a house being built by sophomores. The home, now under construction just outside of the James. H. Moore Career Center at Riverton High School, is scheduled for delivery at the end of this month.

The house construction is part of a new RHS curriculum for Career Technical Education (CTE) that marries mathematics with construction to give students a practical life skill. Participants of the current Fremont County Leadership Class visited the high school today to learn about this and other programs.

“It’s a combination of classroom instruction that is then put to work in a practical manner, in this case construction. We’re building a home for Habitat for Humanity that will be placed on a lot they own at the site of the old hospital,” said woodworking instructor Len Abernathy. “They provide all of the building materials so that is a great help.”

Abernathy’s wood working students learn about geometry from Beau Sheets’ class. “The geometry is construction based so the kids know what is needed when the build something.” He said making accurate measurements and determining angles for roof trusses, for example, or the quantity of materials needed is a skill the students can take with them. “At this morning’s geometry class the students had to determine how many shingles were needed for the roof because I have to order them later today. So they put the classroom and construction knowledge to work to come up with the answer,” Abernathy said.

There are 23 students in the program this year, its second year. “I anticipate we’ll get more students next year as the word gets around and as students see the house we are building here.”

Other CTE programs housed at the career center including Welding, Energy Exploration and Auto Mechanics.

RHS Principal John Griffith said the program is being funded from a grant and is patterned after a similar high school program in Loveland, Colo.