Wolverine Basketball game featured Special Olympians and their RHS Mentors

By Taylor Barry, Riverton High School Journalism Club

The Special Olympics have joined together with Riverton High School to play the astounding game of basketball. RHS students mentored special needs students to help them learn the game of basketball. The student mentors and coaches helped show the students with special needs how to hold the ball and to learn the rules of the game. During the games there are always at least three student mentors on the basketball court at all times to help.

There have been many games throughout the Special Olympics season and last weekend the students were in Cody for area games. The Special Olympics have been in Wyoming for 15 years. This year the Special Olympics decided they were going to do a unified program with RHS basketball. They decided to do basketball because it is a huge sport in the high school and many students love basketball. The coaches wanted to keep the game at the high school level so the kids could still be considered as Wolverines and be a part of the high school experience.

The goal of the coaches is to have these student athletes get some high school experience and build friendships within the RHS student community. The coaches and student mentors want to do basketball every year and then eventually add swimming, soccer and other sports held at the high school. The hope is that within the next year, that they can build a fan base and get the community involved with pep rallies and support from the community.

In the future any RHS student who would like to play or mentor as part of the Unified Special Olympics should contact Mrs. Linck at Riverton High School.