Here’s a secret that one in three Fremont County women are afraid to talk about.

(Riverton & Lander, Wyo.) –  Women share secrets with each other about a lot of things, but we shy away from discussing that little thing that happens when we sneeze, cough or laugh too hard.  The truth is, up to 50% of women experience some form of bladder control issue in their lifetime, even fit women who haven’t had multiple children.  This little problem causes us to avoid certain activities and exercise, and it diminishes our quality of life.

The good news is this condition is often treatable and there are simple, natural solutions available for women (and men) right here in Fremont County. Fremont Therapy Group offers a Women’s Health Physical Therapy treatment program in both the Lander and Riverton locations. Treatments are much more than the traditional kegal exercise, and far less invasive than a surgical procedure.

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(Photo of Whittney Gomendi-Smith, PT, DPT)

Fremont Therapy Group’s Women’s Health specialists, Courtney Hansen, MPT and Whittney Gomendi-Smith, PT, DPT tell us physical therapy is a powerful solution that has helped women of all ages heal and regain strength naturally. Courtney says, “We routinely address urinary leakage problems, but also treat pelvic pressure, symptoms of pain with intercourse and pelvic and low-back pain. You really can do something about these problems.”

(Photo of Courtney Hansen, MPT)

Stress incontinence, which is what one-third of women experience, according to the American Urological Association, is a leakage when we laugh, cough, sneeze or run. According to Whittney, “this issue is usually a matter of weakness in the muscles and ligaments that support the bladder. This often occurs during pregnancy and continues after childbirth.  However, incontinence issues may occur for many other reasons, including the normal aging process, being a heavy exerciser or smoker, or suffering from chronic constipation, just to name a few.”

A former patient from Fremont Therapy Group’s Riverton office said, “My bladder issue was completely turned around with your (Fremont Therapy’s) investigation and treatment of my problem.  I’m still doing some homework, and I’m extremely grateful that I found you.”

Courtney (in Lander) and Whittney (in Riverton) are specially trained in women’s health physical therapy, which is the latest addition to Fremont Therapy Group’s specialty programs. Their goal is to provide this very personal form of care in a comfortable, non-intimidating, and confidential environment, so you can live without the fear of leakage or pain with daily activities.