Stephanie Kessler announces re-election bid for County Commissioner

(Lander, Wyo.) – Fremont County Commissioner Stephanie Kessler, Independent – Lander, announced today that she would seek re-election this year. She represents the county’s fourth commission district encompassing Lander and Hudson. Kessler was first elected in 2012 for a two-year term. If re-elected it would be for a four-year term.

“I have been honored to serve the residents of Fremont County and hope to continue working with them to make our local government more responsive and accountable,” Kessler stated. Kessler notes that during her time on the commission she has strived to enhance county efficiencies, use taxpayers’ funds wisely and improve county services. “At the county level, we need to work smarter with our limited resources and be ready to re-think how we’ve done things in the past.”

Examples she cites includes a restructuring of the county museums system, to which Kessler serves as liaison. “It was time for us to move to professional management of the overall system – which is a great historical and heritage asset of our county. Hopefully we’ll have less drama and more progress to report in the news.”

Kessler also works as the county’s liaison for the employee health insurance program. “I’m proud of our innovations with our wellness incentives and other changes in this very costly budget item. The reforms we’ve made should help save hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future, while providing more options for our employees.”

Kessler cites other areas she has helped spearhead including successful state funding for the Mortimore Lane/Tomato Loop pedestrian pathway, support for dispatchers in the Sheriff’s office, and leadership to tackle the county’s air service needs. “Some of our county problems are going to take hard work and commitment to solve, but I’m optimistic with the initiatives started this year. Our ambulance program is moving towards long-term financial sustainability and the countywide Air Service Task Force is very constructive. Regarding the latter, I think reliable air service is a critical investment for our county’s future economic vitality and the county can play a large leadership role here.”

Kessler will again run as an Independent, unaffiliated with any political party. This requires that she collect signatures from 2% of the registered voters within her district to be on the ballet in November, and she will file these soon with the county elections office. “Fremont County is a large and varied county with a wealth of assets – human and natural. I’ve enjoyed working with our citizens, employees and other officials and we have great potential to pull together to address challenges. I look forward to working on this team into the future,” she stated.

–Provided by Stephanie Kessler