G&F and Solid Waste District provide bear-proof trash containers to Atlantic City residents

(Atlantic City, Wyo.) – On Saturday, a cooperative effort between the Wyoming Game & Fish Department and Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District culminated in providing bear-proof, roll-away trash containers to Atlantic City residents.

We had 14 residents pick up bear proof roll away trash carts, and we were able to provide The Grubstake restaurant with an enclosed horse trailer to store recyclables and trash between times the transfer station being open,” G&F Lander Region Information and Education Specialist Rene Schell said.

The trash containers were purchased with grant funds obtained by the two agencies. “Residents were so grateful, and we piqued the interest of some others who had not initially signed up and may look into funding for a few more cans for those folks too,” Schell said.

Schell noted that the Atlantic City area has the most human/bear conflicts in the county, especially with black bears getting habituated to human trash and interactions.