LVHS Band celebrates the end of the year with banquet and awards

(Lander, Wyo.) – Last night the Lander Valley High School Band held its annual Awards Banquet on Monday evening.

Last night awards given to band members in the LVHS Commons are as follows, with notes from Band Director Spencer Clark below. Thanks to Penny Mann for the photos of the event.

-Most improved marcher-Chris Williams

-Most improved musician-Christian Hnilicka

-MVP Freshman-Amy McGowan, Josh Trembly, Matt Buchanan

-MVP Sophomore-Haley Mele, Brooke Berg, Alex Jacobson

-MVP Junior-Keagan Meyer, Meghan Bausch, Abby Mann-Wood

-MVP Senior-Andrew Gramlich, Amanda Matthews, Sam Poitras, Brayden Ratliff

-Motherly instinct award-Andrew Gramlich and Brooke Berg (keepin’ track of pretty much everybody!)

-Most dedicated-Alex Jacobson

-Best Marcher-Andrew Gramlich

-Mucho Enthusiasmo/Loudest voice…ever!-Lauren Wright

-Literature award-Marten Baur, Briana Hamilton, Josh Trembly, Dalton Rohn, Haley Mele, Andrew Gramlich  (for absolutely sight reading the heck out of any music put in front of them!)

-The Band Room Junkies-(I just can’t get rid of ‘em!) Sam Poitras, Ethan Whiting, Riley Yung, Amy McGowan

-The Jam Band Warriors-Marten Baur, Dalton Rohn, David Fann, Alden Rogers, Zach Baumann, Sam Poitras, Keagan Meyer

-I’ve got Rhythm award (George Gershwin award)-Marten Baur, Briana Hamilton, Alden Rogers, and Dalton Rohn (this is still hands down, one of the best rhythm sections in the state!)

-Deadly Accurate Award-Haley Mele and Marten Baur (rhythm reading is their “forte!”)

-Tiger Spirit-Alex Jacobson (She keeps that drum line “high steppin” and takes on multiple “rolls” in the percussion section)

-Oscar the Grouch award-Drew and Sam…Just gotta be grumpy about somethin’!

-Swiss Army Award-Sam Poitras (this kids plays a lot of instruments that are handy in many situations!)

-Tiger Pride-Abby Mann-Wood (She gives of her time, talent, and hair!)

-Booker T. Washington Award (There are 2 ways of exerting one’s strength: One is pushing down, the other is pulling up.) Amanda Matthews-Thanks for helping those around you!

-A Rockin’ Senior Class-Tori Lutterman, Amanda Matthews, David Fann, Andrew Gramlich, Sam Poitras, Cameron Peters, Brayden Ratliff, Madeline Smithbaker, Zach Baumann, Marten Baur, Dalton Rohn, Briana Hamilton, Shea Dehnert