Banks express gratitude to Lander City Council for recent law enforcement efforts

(Lander, Wyo.) – At this week’s Lander City Council meeting, representatives from a couple local banks came and expressed their gratitude for the Lander Police Department’s work in recent weeks.

Atlantic City Federal Credit Union President Brian Rohrbacher was the first to speak. “It was extremely nice to have the extra security,” he said. “It was very very much appreciated. I just want to state I hope you didn’t regret allowing (Police Chief Jim Carey) to move forward with the extra steps.”

As the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Tribes received substantial federal settlement checks (approx. $6,000 each for the Northern Arapahos and $13,000 each for the Eastern Shoshones), LPD beefed up its presence around town with help from law enforcement from out of the county. The checks arrived during the last two weeks of April.

From the start Carey said this effort was to deter anyone from making victims out of settlement recipients. Approximately $150 million entered the county in a matter of two weeks from the settlement alone.

Rohrbacher said the extra security definitely made a difference, noting law enforcement presence defused a couple situations quickly. He did not believe LPD’s efforts to guard the armored vehicle staff were overkill.

He said most importantly that it is impossible to measure what the law enforcement presence might have deterred.

U.S. Bank Branch Manager Suzanne Norris also thanked the council for letting LPD do what it did. “If this force wasn’t here, I’m afraid to know what might have happened,” she said.

In a follow-up interview, Lander Police Sgt. Shawn McRae said LPD had received a number of similar expressions of gratitude, and the department is grateful that its efforts were appreciated. He agreed that they’ll never really know what was accomplished during that time period. “We feel it was a very strong deterrent,” he said.