Eastern Shoshone General Council votes to return Martel, Posey and Varilek to office

(Fort Washakie, Wyo.) – More than a month after Eastern Shoshone Business Councilmen Wes Martel and Ivan Posey were removed from the posts, the Shoshone General Council has overturned the vote.

Eastern Shoshone Executive Secretary Misty Mann confirmed that the general council voted on a single motion Thursday, May 15 evening to overturn the removals of Martel, Posey, and Attorney General, Kimberly D. Varilek. The motion to return the three was reportedly made by Dallas Coando.

The official vote count was not complete by 2 p.m. on Friday, but Mann said all three will be allowed to return to work on Monday, May 18. Mann said 411 tribal members were in attendance.

The General Council is the supreme governing body of the Tribe. The Business Council handles the day-to-day management of Tribal affairs and the Attorney General is the tribe’s lead legal counsel.

This vote overturns an approved motion the weekend of April 5 that removed the trio from office. That motion was made by Wade LeBeau. In interviews after that initial vote, LeBeau said he moved for their removal because he didn’t believe they were upholding the Eastern Shoshone Tribe’s best interest above others.

Read the initial report of the removal here, and statements from LeBeau and Varelik here.

Additional information will be reported as it comes available.