Wind River Environmental Quality Commission gets new high-tech waste disposal equipment

(Fort Washakie, Wyo.) – This morning the Wind River Environmental Quality Commission and USDA Rural Development celebrated the next step in the commission’s ongoing process of handling the Wind River Indian Reservation’s waste management.

WREQC had received a $999,000 grant from USDA Rural Development Water and Environmental Program to purchase solid waste disposal equipment and construct a solid waste transfer station.

This morning WREQC debuted a new truck and crane/claw equipment that will be used to move waste from the transfer stations to a landfill near Casper.

WREQC’s Ryan Ortiz said the truck can haul 14.5 tons of waste at a time, and he hopes with upcoming state changes, the truck can be modified to carry up to 20.5 tons. Depending on the volumes of trash arriving at the transfer stations, the truck will make one or two trips a week to Casper.

The arrival of the new equipment is the result of more than six years worth of work between the two agencies. (Click photos below to enlarge and for more information.)