Increased runoff possible beginning Saturday with snow melt beginning

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The National Weather Service reported friday afternoon that a normal “warm and sunny weekend would put some smiles on a lot of faces…but this is runoff season! We have an abnormally bountiful snow pack this year and there is a lot of water in that snow pack waiting to come down. At this time it looks like the major rivers will be able to hold what could come this weekend but the smaller tributaries and streams may be a different story,” the NWS said.

“As a general rule, it takes 3 days of high temperatures in the 70’s in the basins with above freezing temperatures at night in order to get the runoff going. We should be able to achieve that with no problems by the end of the weekend,” the statement indicated. “The melting and ripening of the snow pack will be exacerbated by windy conditions this weekend as well.”

To add insult to injury, there is a significant weather system coming that could end this warm up with a widespread rain and/or snow event early next week, the NWS said.

For more information on the weather this weekend and its expected impact on the rivers, check out the latest Hydrologic Outlook:

Another item for this weekend: IT IS NOT A GOOD WEEKEND TO DO ANY AGRICULTURAL BURNING. It is going to be hot, dry, and windy each day so please stay weather aware and check this web page for more information and tips on conducting agricultural burns:

–National Weather Service Forecast Office, Riverton