No candidate filings yet in Hudson or Pavillion; Mike Bailey files for Ward 3 council seat in Riverton

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Filings continue to roll for local elections, however no one has filed for any seats in Hudson or Pavillion as of Wednesday morning. A couple new candidates for Secretary of State and U.S. Senate have emerged. See a complete list of filings below.

U.S. Senator – Two Democratic candidates have filed for election: William Bryk of Burntfork, N.Y., and Al Hamburg of Torrington, Wyo. No Republicans have filed for the seat currently held by Mike Enzi.

U.S. Representative – Republican Jason Adam Senteney of Yoder has filed for the seat currently held by Cynthia Lummis.

Governor – Republican Taylor H. Haynes of Cheyenne is the only candidate to file so far.

Secretary of State – Four Republican have filed for candidacy for this seat. They are: Ed Buchanan of Torrington, Pete Illoway of Cheyenne, Ed Murray of Cheyenne, and Clark Stith of Rock Springs.

State Auditor – Incumbent Republican Cynthia I. Cloud of Cody is the only person to file for the seat so far.

State Treasurer – Incumbent Republican Mark Gordon of Buffalo is the only filing so far.

Superintendent of Public Instruction – Republicans Jillian Balow of Cheyenne and Bill Winney of Bondurant have filed. Democrat Mike Ceballos of Cheyenne has also filed.

Wyoming Ninth Judicial District Circuit Court Judge in Riverton – There have been no filings for the bench currently held by Wesley A. Roberts.

Wyoming Senate District 25 – Republican Incumbent Cale Case has filed. Republicans Jennifer McCarty and Joe Malek have also filed.

Wyoming House District 28 – Incumbent Republican Nathan Winters has filed for re-election.

Wyoming House District 33 – Two Republicans have filed for this seat: Jim Allen of Lander and Daniel Cardenas of St. Stephen’s.

Wyoming House District 34 – Incumbent Republican Rita Campbell of Shoshoni has filed, as has Republican Pat L. Moore of Dubois.

Wyoming House District  54 – Incumbent Republican Lloyd Larsen has filed for re-election.

Wyoming House District 55 – Incumbent Republican David Miller has filed for re-election.

Fremont County

Fremont County Commissioner District 1 – Incumbent Democrat Keja Whiteman has filed for re-election. Republican Valaira Whiteman of St. Stephen’s has also filed.

Fremont County Commissioner District 3 – Incumbent Republican Travis Becker has filed.

Fremont County Commissioner District 4 – No filings so far.

Fremont County Assessor – Incumbent Republican Tara Berg is the only filing.

Fremont County Attorney – Republican Patrick Lebrun has filed for the seat.

Fremont County Clerk – Incumbent Republican Julie Freese is the lone filing for this seat so far.

Fremont County Clerk of the District Court – Incumbent Republican Kristi Green remains the only filing for the seat at this time.

Fremont County Coroner – Two Republicans have filed for candidacy: Mark Stratmoen of Riverton and Dominick Weigel of Lander.

Fremont County Sheriff – Incumbent Republican Skip Hornecker has filed. He is being challenged by Republican Mark Stone of Riverton.

Fremont County Treasurer – Incumbent Republican H. Scott Harnsberger is the only filing so far.

City of Lander

Mayor – Del McOmie and Dan Hahn have filed for the seat.

Council Ward 1 – Incumbent Monte Richardson is the lone filing so far.

Council Ward 2 – Ed Patik has filed for candidacy in this ward.

Council Ward 3 – Incumbent Nancy Pieropan has filed for re-election.

City of Riverton

Mayor – John Larsen Baker and Richard P. Gard have filed for candidacy.

Council Ward 1 – Kyle Larson has filed for this seat. He was appointed in February 2014.

Council Ward 2 – No filings at this time.

Council Ward 3 – Michael Bailey has filed for this seat.

Council Ward 3 – Currently held by Martin Cannan, appointed in February 2014. He has filed for the seat.

Town of Dubois

Mayor – Twila Blakeman has filed for re-election.

Two council seats – No filings at this time.

Town of Hudson

Mayor – No filings.

Two council seats – No filings.

Town of Pavillion

Mayor – No filings.

Two council seats – No filings.

Town of Shoshoni

Mayor – No filings.

Two council seats – Lea M. Delay has filed for re-election.