Riverton trash pickup moving to 4 days per week; Alley dumpsters out, curb roll-outs in

CORRECTION: A review of a recording of the meeting determined that Mayor Ron Warpness actually voted “aye” on the proposal to proceed with a four-day sanitation collection schedule. It was originally reported that the mayor had voted no. County10.com regrets the error. 

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Changes are coming to the way the City of Riverton will collect trash as the Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District has reduced days and hours of operation at its Riverton baler station beginning July 1st.  At that time, the facility will be open only five days a week, from Tuesday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Solid Waste District changes came abount after an efficiency study was completed. The goal of the changes, according to the district, is to ensure that the district is solvent in 20 years and that closure costs for its landfills are covered.

“This will impact the city’s operations, but the Solid Waste District will work with us as we make changes to our system,” said acting Public Works Director Dawn Willhelm.

Rather than look at the change as a negative, Willhelm said city staff could use this opportunity “to create efficiencies within our service as well.” Willhelm suggested the council consider a 4-days a week operation, Tuesday through Friday, and require that all residential accounts be roll-outs, placed on curbs for collection, rather than alley-based dumpsters.

She said the city’s new sanitation trucks can collect and empty the roll-outs in an average of 10 seconds, while the alley dumpters take about three minutes to position and empty.

“For the 837 households that use an alley dumpster, the new trucks can do the job in 8 hours and 47 minutes, while the older trucks would take about 20 hours. The efficiency is in time.”

In answer to a question, Willhelm said the Sanitation Department, in anticipation of the changes, had already budgeted the purchase of additional roll-outs for the new fiscal year in the amount to $75,374.

She said commercial accounts trash pickup would be reduced by one day to only five days a week , Tuesday through Saturday.

Willhelm also noted that the sanitation workers would not lose any hours as they could be used for other projects on those days, including sanitation and street maintenance items.

Mayor Ron Warpness said he was opposed to a four-day collection plan, because he likes the alley dumpsters, but he voted with the the city council to move to the four days a week plan. The vote was unanimous.

The new plan will be implemented in the new fiscal year, but a timetable has not yet been determined.