FCSD#25 End of the year message from Supt. Terry Snyder issued today

What’s going on?

By Terry Snyder, Superintendent, FCSD#25, Riverton

It’s here, the end of another successful school year!

Willow Creek Elementary is the name of the new elementary.  We had over 50 names suggested by the community and staff.  Andrea Verosky led a group of staff members who reduced the list to three.  Willow Creek received 319 votes, Riverview had 219, and Riverside had 168.  The mascot will be selected by the staff and students once the building opens.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this process.  Cody Meyer was the individual who submitted the Willow Creek name for consideration.

Continuing with the Willow Creek topic, we are at 10% design of the total project.  This means we have the classroom space established and some decisions on what will be in each classroom.  We were able to get a lot of program space in the building.  We have spaces for adaptive p.e., occupational therapy, high needs special ed., instructional facilitators, speech/language, case manager, social worker, counsel, SRO, and a computer lab.  One of the critical design features in this building is the flexible one-on-one, small group, and STEM project areas. This building has also been designed with safety as a priority.  We have three enhancement areas to consider; one additional classroom, an expanded kitchen area, and a full-sized gym floor with three rows of bleachers.  The gym size is the biggest enhancement.  We have a district need for additional practice space.  The community would also benefit from this space.  I will be working with district staff to review our options.

We have made the commitment to move forward with the 1% raise for all employees next year.  We will also add a 1.43% to everyone’s salary to offset your required contribution to the state retirement system.  The district received about a ½% increase in funding but we are able to provide more than that because of an increase in Average Daily Membership.

I want to personally thank you for a great year!  My wife and I feel blessed to be here!  I marvel at your hard work and dedication to the kids and this profession!  Have a great summer!

Go Big Red!