Governor utilizing technology to create opportunities for participation in water strategy

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – Governor Matt Mead is continuing to work on a Wyoming Water Strategy with broad public input. Last year, he held nine listening sessions around the state. Now people have additional ways to participate. On June 4thin Casper state officials will present the results of the listening sessions. Anyone can attend the conference in person or they can join online and send comments over the internet.

“Water is critical to Wyoming’s future and because of its importance I want as many people to be involved in this strategy as possible. By taking advantage of technology, people can join this meeting from their homes or from the local public library. I urge everyone who can, to join on June 4th,” Governor Mead said.

The meeting will take place in Casper at 9:00 am at the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, 2211 King Boulevard. To join online visit:

Access to information that will be presented on June 4th is available at People can comment in person, online or by contacting the Governor’s Office directly.

“The Water Strategy will be flexible and will include efforts that are defined and have outcomes that can be measured. These will cover water storage, management, protection and conservation, along with water and watershed restoration. Anyone can give information about the kinds of projects most necessary at this time,” Governor Mead said. “I am excited about technology and its role in enhancing the public process.”

–Provided by Gov. Matt Mead’s Office