Life-simulation event for teens on risky behaviors set Tuesday at Fairgrounds

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – A “Life RU Ready?” event is planned on Tuesday, May 6 in the Fremont Center at the Fremont County Fairgrounds in Riverton. This program is a joint effort in cooperation with public health, prevention agencies, law enforcement, legal counsel, coroner’s office, health care agencies, and youth volunteers.  “Life RU Ready?”  has been a successful activity in Campbell and Washakie counties; this is a first time event for Fremont County. Sixth grade students from Shoshoni, Wind River, Fort Washakie and Dubois school districts will be participating.

The Life RU Ready? Project is a “life-simulation” health fair for teens designed to increase awareness of the consequences of teen’s behavior, to decrease motivation to participate in risk taking behavior, and to provide new opportunities for parent-teen communication.

Students will find themselves in a scripted party where they are exposed to a variety of unhealthy risky behaviors. These behaviors will result in scripted consequences that are chosen randomly and the students will go onto experience outcomes such as a car accident, jail, emergency room care or court proceedings.  Professional counselors will be available at all times, if a student should feel overwhelmed by the simulated activities.

The goals of the project are to prepare youth to make informed decisions about life choices, to provide parents and trusted adults with current information about life choice behaviors from a teen perspective. This will encourage open, honest teen-parent discussion of these behaviors and the consequences.

–Fremont County Public Health