RHS Ag Science Greenhouse products now on sale to the public

By Tyler Kreitzer RHS Journalism Club

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Students at Riverton High School enrolled in the Ag Science class every year maintain a greenhouse on campus. As part of the class, students plant and maintain the plants in the greenhouse throughout the school year. In the fall students plant rooted cuttings and then in the spring students plant seeds as well as plant plugs or small sized seedlings that are grown in trays.   According to Mr. Casey Styvar, the Ag Science teacher, “students in the course will learn greenhouse management.” The greenhouse started about twenty years ago according to Styvar .

As part of the class students learn not only plant science and horticulture, but also marketing. Styvar stated that students in the class have to come up with a marketing plan. Students, as part of their marketing plan, figure out the cost of the plants to be planted, the cost of the soil, and the price that the student’s plants will be sold for during the class’ annual plant sale in the spring.  In order to maintain the greenhouse and the plants, students must make sure that the plants are adequately watered, fertilized, pruned, and have been treated with pesticides and herbicides.

In the spring the public has opportunity to purchase these plants and flowers that the Ag Science class nurtured throughout the school year. Plants and flowers that are available to purchase from the RHS greenhouse include vegetables such as peppers, cabbage, or tomatoes. Flowers that may be purchased include hanging baskets with various flowers or individual plants of marigolds, geraniums, petunias etc. The plant sell will began on May 2nd. In order to purchase plants and flowers from the greenhouse the public should contact Mr. Casey Styvar at 307-856-6557. The prices for each plant or flower depend on the plant and or pot. The money raised from the sell goes toward sustaining the program at RHS.

Photos by Tyler Kreitzer