Leadership Fremont County’s Class of 2013-14 numbered 14 graduates

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Fourteen residents from across Fremont County graduated this past Friday from the 2013-14 Class of Leadership Fremont County. The graduation was held at the Fremont Center in Riverton.

Bruce Palmer was the guest speaker at this years graduation of Leadership Fremont County.  (Ernie Over photo)

Bruce Palmer was the guest speaker at this years graduation. (eo)

Guest speaker Bruce Palmer, the marketing and admissions director at the National Outdoor Leadership School, talked about the importance of leadership and the role the class graduates would now play in their respective communities.

“What you are doing is great work. Leadership is obviously important to NOLS and to our community. This class allowed you to learn about the diversity that is in our county; it introduces people to the many diverse populations and industries here,” he said. “Being an informed community leader is your strength.”

Palmer talked about NOLS leadership models with the class. “Designated leaders are like the board of Leadership Fremont County, people elected to lead,” he said. “Active Followship is when you, during your nine months of classes, asked questions which furthered not only your own knowledge, but the group’s knowledge. Peer leadership is working with others and self leadership is sticking with it and completing the course.”

He also talked about skills that leaders possess that promotes teamwork, furthering one’s competence, being a good communicator, tolerating adversity and uncertainly, being self aware, and having a vision and taking action to accomplish the vision. He said these skills are known in NOLS as expedition skills, what students learn while on a NOLS course so everyone comes back safely.

“You now have the tools in place and now use those,” he said. “I encourage you to use this education to address the many challenges in our communities such as homelessness, Tribal relationships, poverty and environmental challenges. Find your passion and do what will make a difference. Give it all you’ve got,” he said.

The Class of 2013-14:

Charles Aragon

Skye K. Coleman-Wise

Skye Coleman-Wise

Randy Da’Camara

Lorre Hoffman

Katie Lehman

Alex Newman

Rich Poglajen

Brenda Seely

Scott Seiler

Kourtney Snyder

Teresa Taylor

John Tomkins.