Early June snowpack across the state ranges from 140 to 180 percent of median

(Wyoming) – May precipitation totals across Wyoming were nearly 83 to 88 percent of average. Precipitation numbers varied at near 140 percent of normal over the Laramie Watershed to near 54 percent of normal over the Snake River Basin. Current water year (October 2013 – May 2014) precipitation totals across Wyoming were 115 to 125 percent of average.

Mountain snowpack across Wyoming above the 9000 foot elevation was 140 to 180 percent of median by early June.  Snowpack “water” numbers and/or SWEs continued to be the highest across northeast central Wyoming—varying between 150 to near 190 percent of median.  SWEs were the lowest over southwestern Wyoming and over the Sweetwater Basin—varying from 75 to 85 percent of median.

Above normal (110 to 130 percent) snowmelt streamflow volumes are expected for the rest of the summer across almost all major basins across Wyoming.  Well above average streamflow volumes (140 to 160 percent) are expected across the Powder…Tongue…and Shoshone Watersheds.  Below average streamflow volumes during the rest of the summer are still forecasted for the Little Wind and Sweetwater River Basins.

Reservoirs storages across Wyoming have increased to just above average for early June.

–Provided by NOAA