LPD has been monitoring Main Street parking issues; At least 8 warnings issued so far

(Lander, Wyo.) – Earlier this week, Lander Police Chief Jim Carey informed the City Council that his officers had been monitoring 2-hour parking on the 200 and 300 blocks of Main Street.

The effort was initiated by a number of conversations with city officials, including a meeting in late May where a couple local retail business owners asked the city council for more enforcement. The business owners said people abusing the parking limits on Main could prevent potential shoppers, especially tourists, from parking and browsing stores. One of the main problems noted was people who work on Main parking along the street all day long.

Carey said that in a matter of six days, a couple of officers monitoring parking in those blocks closely. The officers marked tires with chalk to be able to tell if the vehicles moved.

During that time, Carey said a number of contacts with people were made to inform them of the 2-hour parking limit. Officially, five verbal warnings were issued, and three written warnings were handed out. Despite what the city has heard from people working on Main, the parking problem “may not be as significant as it was portrayed,” Carey said.

Mayor Mick Wolfe said he agreed with the chief’s findings. He said he meandered Main Street four separate days and never saw parking more than one-third full. However, Wolfe said monitoring parking should be a continuing effort.

Councilman Cade Maestas thought the media attention given to the matter probably acted as a deterrent.

Additionally, the signs posted warning of the parking time limit have been lowered a couple feet to, in theory, make for better visibility.