Lander’s young moose relocated Saturday to South Pass in better suited habitat

(Lander, Wyo.) – This is a photo of a yearling cow moose after being relocated from Lander this morning. The release site is in the South Pass area. She was in very good condition, and likely was just weaned away from its mother, which probably has a new calf in the area north of Lander. We (Wyoming Game & Fish Dept.) decided it was in the best interests of the moose to move her to a more appropriate habitat, and away from the risk of injury on Lander’s streets and other hazards. The release site is in habitat very well suited for moose, with aspen and willow available along a creek.

–Stan Harter

Content Manager’s Note: This is the moose that has been roaming around Lander, including in the city limits in the past week and featured in an earlier story on