Five County Students Awarded Scholarships to pursue Energy Industry Careers

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Encana Oil & Gas (USA) has announced the recipients of its annual Fremont County community scholarship program. The company awarded five scholarships to local students who excel in school, are active in the community and plan to pursue a career in the energy industry, according to a news release.

This year’s recipients are Ian McMenamy of Riverton High School; Jesse Cassity of Riverton High School; Zachary Lindstadt of Wind River High School; Marla Enos of Fort Washakie High School; and Adan Arredondo of Lander Valley High School. Each student will receive $2,500 annually for up to four years.

Ian McMenamy

Ian McMenamy

Ian plans to attend Central Wyoming College this fall, and then continue at the University of Wyoming to earn a degree in Engineering. To Ian, academics have always been a priority. His hard work and resilience have earned him three academic school letters and a National Honor Society membership.

“I devote a lot of effort to my academics and have challenged myself by taking several dual credit college classes,” Ian said. “I feel that I’ve become a well-rounded student by taking a variety of classes that will keep me motivated and prepare me for a future in engineering.”

Ian strives to be a positive, responsible influence in school and in the community. As captain of the hockey team, and member of the football and soccer teams, athletics have helped him build character and lead by example. In his free time, Ian enjoys fly-fishing and hunting, and also volunteers at the Riverton ice hockey rink.

Jesse Cassity

Jesse Cassity

A hard-working, dependable student who is not afraid to challenge himself, Jesse takes part in multiple activities, including Jazz Band, Future Farmers of America, All State Marching Band, Skills USA, Future Business Leaders of America, and National Honor Society. These extracurricular activities, along with his passion to design and build things, have strengthened Jesse’s knowledge and skillfulness, fortifying his decision to obtain a Welding degree at Lincoln College of Technology.

“My goal is to learn my trade, and learn it well. I hope my education at Lincoln will set me up for a successful career in the oil and gas industry,” declared Jesse. “But I know that nothing is given, only earned, and that I will get out of it what I put in. I will work very hard in college, and pay for much of it by working while in school. I want to feel like I have earned every part of my education – being raised in Wyoming and working have instilled that value in me.”

Zach Lindstadt

Zach Lindstadt

Construction and building have always been a part of Zachary’s life. Since three years old, Zachary has been helping and learning from his dad. Armed with this great knowledge, a strong work ethic, determination and skill, Zachary plans to attend Casper College for a year before transferring to Black Hills State University to get a degree in Construction Management.

“There is a need for knowledgeable construction managers in the oil and gas industry,” Zachary explained. “Gas plants are constantly renovating, improving or building new structures. General construction is inherently dangerous, and working around oil and gas makes it even more dangerous, so an oil and gas background would be an advantage. I feel this would be a challenging and rewarding career. Thank you to my family, friends and Stormi Adams for all of your support.”

When he’s off the construction site, Zachary stays busy with varsity basketball and football, honor roll, and National Honor Society. Service is also important to Zachary. He has spent many hours making metal artwork for charity fundraisers, chopping firewood for the elderly neighbors and building furniture for a young domestic abuse victim and her family with his shop class.

Marla Enos

Marla Enos

Marla’s love of math and science influenced her to study Engineering at Central Wyoming College. Marla’s diligence has earned her the Top Female Academic Award and Student of the Week. Whether it’s taking advanced/dual credit courses, organizing a clothing drive for the Riverton Food Bank or honing her leadership skills in Student Council, Marla strives for perfection and pushes herself to succeed.

“There is a lot of mining on the Wind River Reservation, and my goal is to build a career in engineering and help the community that I grew up in,” stated Marla. “I also want a livelihood that I am excited to wake up to every morning, and a profession in math and science can help fulfill this.”

Adam Arrendondo

Adan Arrendondo

Adan plans to study Petroleum Engineering at the University of Wyoming. With an eagerness to learn, strong character and the motivation to succeed, Adan has excelled in and out of the classroom, receiving the academic letter seven times, and participating in varsity soccer, weight training, Open Art, Spanish Club, and Math Team.

“My grandfather is a petroleum engineer, and through him, I have seen the benefits and opportunities of the job,” said Adan. “Often, I accompanied him to work, so I understand what the job entails, and find it to be something I would enjoy. I ensure this scholarship will not go to waste. I completely understand and recognize the opportunity this scholarship offers and will whole heartedly apply myself to my education.”

Adan also realizes the importance of community involvement and for the past three years, has been actively volunteering and working for several ranching families – feeding livestock, collecting hay, doing anything to make their lives easier and help maintain the ranch, which in turn helps preserve the ranching lifestyle in Wyoming.

The scholarships are awarded directly to the students and can be used for any college-related financial need, such as tuition and fees, textbooks or rent.

“Our scholarship program provides an opportunity for students to focus on furthering their education to attain the proficiency needed to excel and grow in the energy industry,” said Bridget Ford, Encana USA Community Relations Advisor. “These students shine in every aspect, and deserve to be rewarded for their dedication, hard work and achievements. We are proud of these young industry leaders and wish them the best in their future endeavors.”