Still posting your job openings in the paper?

(Fremont County, Wyo) – Today’s connected candidates are looking online and using their phones to find their next job. Will they see what you have to offer?

10 Jobs is the easiest and most viewed way to put your job openings in front of candidates. But, don’t just take our word for it, read what our advertisers have to say:

“I have been asking all who have called where they heard about the opportunity and thus far it is 100% County 10.”  – Pennie Buffington, Fremont County Government

“We have received several strong resumes via the Tech/CSR ad. Definitely a bigger response than I was expecting, which is great.” – Travis Homi, Central Bank & Trust

“About 98% of the applications we received were from people who saw it on County 10.” – Gloria Leadbetter, Fremont County Group Homes

Posting a job opening is as easy as emailing your content (copy, image(s), video) directly to or posting it yourself at:

To see a sample job listing, click here. County 10 offers one simple price for posting a job listing.

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To learn more about posting a job, contact us at 307-855-4016 or