BLM Lander Resource Management Plan signed into effect this morning

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – This morning Gov. Matt Mead, U.S. BLM Director Neil Kornze and Wyoming BLM Director Don Simpson gathered with others for the signing of the Record of Decision for the Lander Resource Management Plan.

Nearly everyone who spoke at the meeting praised the joint efforts from a wide-ranging group of contributors, especially surrounding protections for the sage grouse.

Mead credited former Gov. Dave Freudenthal for setting up the sage grouse working group, who’s efforts were key in coming up with a core strategy that’s a part of RMP. Mead said other western state’s will see Wyoming as a leader on the manner. “You can make a difference,” he said. “You can make a positive change.”

“This is, in my view, the most significant step the BLM has taken on sage-grouse. It is good for Wyoming and the country to see the federal government work with states. States are in the best position to understand the dynamics of these issues and bring commitment and ingenuity to the process,” Governor Mead said. “By adopting Wyoming’s plan, the BLM has taken a holistic view, strengthening sage-grouse protection and making our strategy more effective.”

Kornze praised the sage grouse core strategy as well. “I think we’ve struck a very nice balance,” he said. He also recognized the work that was done to provide clear visual corridors surrounding the historical trails that run through area. He said that effort will also serve as model for other parts of the country as more plans are revised.

Gov. Mead’s Natural Resource Policy Advisor Jerimiah Rieman noted that the plan covers everything from energy development to livestock grazing to recreation.

Fremont County Commission Chairman Doug Thompson was also in attendance, representing the cooperators who participated in the plan. He emphasized that implementation of the plan will be key to its success. He noted that federal agencies have “a lot of plans on the shelf.” Gov. Mead joked, “This is one of them until we get it signed.”

Thompson said he was committed to making sure the plans put in place were accomplished.

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