A few reasons your vehicle needs a Delphi Connect

(Riverton, Wyo) – Give your vehicle a voice with a Deplhi Connect from Hammer Electronics. Delphi Connect is a vehicle-diagnostic tool that works with most vehicles (cars, light trucks, SUVs and minivans) sold in the US beginning with the 1996 model year. Plug it into a vehicle’s OBD-II port to access vehicle diagnostic information such as battery life, fuel levels and more.

Is your check engine light on? Before driving your vehicle to your local mechanic because of a ”check engine” light, use Delphi Connect to get more information. It will tell you why your check engine light is on, as well as if all your car’s systems are functioning correctly.

Is there a teen driver in your family? The Delphi Connect gives parents piece of mind.  Install it in your childrens car. Find out when your vehicle is traveling faster than a customized speed limit. Receive alerts at as many email addresses/phone numbers as you want. Establish geo- fences and get email and text message alerts when your vehicle leaves those areas.  With the Delphi Connect you will know where your kids are, where they have been and how fast they were going.

Don’t dig your keys out of your pocket, purse or briefcase; use your smartphone instead. You can duplicate the primary functions of your key fob (such as lock/unlock) with your smartphone or PC for most vehicles, from anywhere.  If you car has a factory installed remote start, you can use your smart phone to start it as well.

You can add the Delphi Connect to your Verizon More Everything plan for only $10 per month.  There is no contract required.  Stop in Hammer Electronics at 802 N Federal Blvd in Riverton and find out more information about the Delphi Connect today.