Behind the Badge: Freaky Friday

By David Hyde, Lander Police Officer

(Lander, Wyo.) – Happy (very belated) Valentine’s Day …aka… Freaky Friday (with Saturday thrown in too).

You might recall a movie from several years ago called Freaky Friday, well I don’t remember much of the movie (it made little impression) but the title stuck with me and after some of the stuff we dealt with on Valentine’s Day I just felt it was appropriate.

You would think if there was ever a day to be happy, caring and sharing, and not into **** stirring, Valentine’s Day would be the on. Apparently not.

How about the parents who called Police because they were upset about their child being told by a second child that yet a third child, who was almost a thousand miles away, was upset with the first child (are you still following?) and had made a threat, by snail mail no less. OK, it’s a 12 year old…hundreds of miles away…what could the kid possibly do to carry out the threat?

Or the person who became so upset over being refused service by a local business, via telephone no less…not even in person…they had to be trespassed from the business?

Or maybe the frequent flyer (see a previous post for frequent flyer definition) who argued with her uncle so long and hard (if you knew her that probably wouldn’t surprise you…482 involvements in our local database and she’s not even 30 yet) until one of them (depends on who’s story you believe) wound up spitting in the other’s face!

Or possibly the obscene phone message left on someone’s phone. A local person received a telephone message of a very embarrassing nature and in a voice that, by their own admission sounded just like their own, with a voice of the opposite sex adding some very flavorful commentary. Use your imagination.

But Freaky Friday didn’t stop there; the icing on the cake…the coup de grace…had to be a Saturday call. Honestly, if this next incident were presented to you on a reality TV show almost anyone would have to say…uhhhh…probably not going to end well.

Not long after I escaped work the day after Freaky Friday the night guys were called to a family fight; it was a real one too, with both parties bloodied and still screaming at each other. Now usually when we get these the root cause tends to be such things as infidelity, some type of ongoing abuse, drug use, etc., you know, things that have real implications. Nope, not this time. It seems the guy had the audacity to present his favorite gal with an engagement ring.

That’s right, an engagement ring; he proposed and they got in a fight.

Normally you would think a proposal would not incite a fight, but it was, after all, a continuation of Freaky Friday. Apparently this gal wanted more, the whole shebang including the down-on-one-knee pose. To add insult to injury (ok, maybe that’s a poor choice of words) she was, I believe Sgt. Cunningham’s exact wording was, “discontent with the quality” of the ring. Apparently she then proceeded to express her “discontent” and well, off they went. Guess he should have went to Jared.