ESBC’s Wes Martel submitted his resignation on Monday; Cited recent Tribal turmoil in letter

(Fort Washakie, Wyo.) – Eastern Shoshone Business Council Member Wes Martel, who was recently reinstated as a member of the council, submitted his resignation on Monday.

Martel, and fellow council member Ivan Posey were ousted in a General Council vote on April 5th that also included the removal of the Tribal Attorney General Kimberly Varilek. But the trio were reinstated on May 15th in another General Council action, reportedly because the previous action had not been included in the published agenda for the April 5th meeting. At the second General Council, this time with over 400 tribal members in attendance, the action was rescinded. See earlier reporting on the turmoil here. 

In a memo to his colleagues Monday (which is copied below), and referencing the turmoil of the past few months, Martel said, “It is time in my life to switch to an endeavor that will be positive and beneficial for all of Indian Country.”

The Tribe will now start the process to gather nominations and set a schedule to replace Martel on the Council, which is charged with making the day-to-day operational decisions for the Tribe.

Wes Martel resignation letter