Mosquito counts beginning to climb; Culex numbers still low, no West Nile Virus found

(Lander, Wyo.) – With the warmer weather mosquito numbers across the county have increased, Fremont County Weed and Pest Assistant Supervisor Nancy Pieopan reported Wednesday, but “the good news is that the numbers of Culex trapped has stayed relatively low.”

There’s always another side to the story, and Pieopan said that “no mosquito pools tested positive for WNV, however, the RAMP tester is registering above the minimum of <=10.00 for the first time for Fremont County mosquitoes this year. In the State of Wyoming we consider RAMP tests of 100 and above positive.” Pieopan said she registered a reading of 29.2 from a Lander mosquito pool.

Pieopan also noted that areas where mosquito spraying is taking place obviously have the lower number of mosquitos trapped.

Among the sites where mosquitos were trapped:

Lander, 220 mosquitos, 16 Culex

Hudson, 76 mosquitos, 9 Culex

Snavely Lane, 3,500 – 4,000 mosquitos, less than 1 percent Culex (no spraying)

Arapahoe, 650 mosquitos, 20 percent Culex

Riverton, 217 mosquitos, 7 Culex

North Smith Road, 1,000 mosquitos, 10 percent Culex (no spraying)