WHP come to the aid of Irish officer on an international cycling trip

(Lander, Wyo.) – The Wyoming Highway Patrol answered a one-of-a-kind call on Wednesday to assist a fellow officer. The man, also an international bicyclist, was on a cross country bicycle trek to raise awareness and donations for the fight against cancer.

Scott Harkins, a twelve year veteran of the Belfast, Ireland, Harbour Police, was cycling on the Tour Divide Mountain Bike Race traveling 2745 miles from Banff, Canada to Antelope Wells, New Mexico. Officer Harkins is a ten year cancer survivor himself and was partaking in the race to raise cancer awareness and donations for the Marie Curie Hospice.

Due to unforeseen issues, Officer Harkins found himself in need of abandoning the race to return home sooner than predicted. Officer Harkins was in need of finding his way from Lander to Cheyenne to catch a shuttle to the Denver International Airport (D.I.A.). Through the coordinating efforts of Patrol Lieutenant Klief Guenther, Officer Harkins was relayed from Lander to Cheyenne and eventually to DIA for a safe return home.

Officer Harkins stated that he had raised over $7000 for the charity before having to pull out of the race. To learn more about Officer Harkin’s cause, visit his webpage at teamscottharkins.co.uk.

–Provided by the Wyoming Highway Patrol