Wisconsin man learned about Frontier Justice Saturday night in Riverton

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Call it a case of Frontier Justice. A 32-year-old man was arrested on two counts of simple assault, and one count each of public intoxication and interference after a series of events late Saturday night and Sunday morning.

It seems that one Michael Thomson of Appleton, Wisc., had been trying to get patrons at The Boot Bar to fight with him. Unsuccessful, he moved down the street to another bar. Apparently Thomson’s behavior was the same at that establishment and bar staff and some patrons removed him outside.

According to a police report on the call, the group of people who had been at the first bar, and then went to the second, decided it was time for them to return to the first bar and they headed out the door. That’s when Thomson allegedly followed them trying to pick another fight and telling the group that he was going to knock their teeth out. He tried, but his intended victim put him to the ground. Apparently not satisfied, Thomson allegedly got up and then began punching women in the group. That did it.

The men there took care of business and Thomson was found laying on the street surrounded by about 20 people when police arrived.

All of the witnesses gave the same story, a police report indicated.

The man would not cooperate with police, except to say that he was Marty McFly (A fictional character from the Back to the Future movie franchise). Police were able to find the man’s wallet and learn his real identity, though.

Taken to the hospital for his injuries, Thomson was suggesting there that nurses should give him some sexual satisfaction, and with some young children in the ER, police got him out of there and arrested him.