Police Blotter: Arrests; Huffers caught in movie theater; Prescription drug thefts reported

(Fremont County, Wyo.) – Here is the weekend’s recap of law enforcement activity around the county. All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

Fremont County Sheriff’s Office


Heather King, 30, Rosemead, Calif., Probation Revocation Warrant.

Maxine Lawson, 19, Riverton, Warrants for: two counts of Conspiracy to Commit Property Destruction and Defacement, Criminal Entry and Burglary. More information about this arrest will follow in a separate story.

Sky Lovato, 27, Riverton, Colorado Warrant.

Tristan Robinson, 28, Lander, Domestic Violence Battery and Campbell County Warrant.

Christian Salzman, 21, Riverton, Probation Violation.


At 8:44 a.m., a caller on East Third Street in Hudson reported that her children were being chased by dogs, and the dogs were aggressive.

A welfare check requested by the Department of Family Services on Friday morning is still under investigation.

A theft reported in the Riverton area at 11:42 on Friday morning is under investigation. Additional information was redacted from the report.

At 1:23 p.m., a man on Eight Mile Road reported trespassing. He said he bought property from a subject who now wouldn’t stay off the property.

At 2:57 p.m. on Friday, a caller at South Pass City reported that someone broke into their camper.

A caller at a business on the 400 block of West Ramshorn Street in Dubois reported a suspicious male subject sending flowers to the business.

At 5:01 p.m., a caller at an undisclosed location reported that someone stole some pills. The report is under investigation.

At 7:21 p.m., deputies were asked help manage traffic surrounding a bear sighting off Highway 26 near Dubois.

A woman on Buckhorn Flats Road reported finding mail torn open with a black powder substance inside. Deputies determined there was nothing dangerous about the substance.

A dog was reported stolen from the 200 block of East Sixth Street in Shoshoni.

Deputies were called to the 789 Smokeshop near Riverton for a woman from out of state who was reporting a stolen motorcycle.

At 7:37 p.m. on Saturday a caller on the 1700 block of North Federal Boulevard reported seeing a near collision between vehicles. One of the drivers reportedly had a beer in their hand. Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle.

At 10:46 p.m., a person on Dodrill Road said someone found a tub that they thought was full of body parts. The report was determined to be unfounded after deputies investigated.

At 1 p.m. on Sunday, a caller near Christina Lake in the Wind River Mountains reported that a female hiker fell and hurt her ankle. Fremont County Search & Rescue evacuated the woman by ground without incident.

At 8:11 p.m., Wind River Police handled a call of a single vehicle wreck on Rendezvous Road near Saint Stephen’s. Additional information was not readily available.

At 12:38 a.m. on Monday, a caller in the Gardens North Drive area reported a bad smell. The caller thought something might be burning. Deputies were unable to locate anything out of the ordinary.


Lander Police Department


Robert Marshall, 38, Carlsbad, N.M., Fremont County Warrant. A 26-year-old New Mexico man was cited for Possession of Marijuana. The two were contacted after police were called to East Main Street for a report of a vehicle sitting in the area for about three hours on Friday evening.

Maeli Denning, 22, Cody, Driving Under the Influence.

Jeremy Smith, 37, Hudson, Driving Under the Influence.

Jane McDonald, 54, Lander, Disobeying Lawful Order. At 9:53 p.m. on Saturday, police were called to Waterfowl Way for a report on someone who pointed a gun at the caller. Additional information was not readily available.

A 25-year-old Lander woman cited for Child Endangering. At 3:07 a.m. on Sunday, officers were called to a location on Amoretti Street for a report of a 3-year-old child walking around outside. The caller said the mother was found naked on a couch with a man. Additional information was not readily available.

Rodney Littlemouth, 38, Fort Washakie, LPD Warrant. Littlemouth was arrested after a 3:13 a.m., Monday call on 11th Street for a report of subjects trying to jump someone else.


At 9:21 on Friday morning, a caller alerted police to a stop sign that was being obscured by bushes in the area of South Seventh and Garfield Streets.

A business on Main Street on Friday afternoon reported that an ex-employee was harassing several current employees via text messages.

At 3:31 p.m., a caller in the area of South Second and Garfield streets reported two children walking in the area without shoes. Additional information was not readily available.

Possible drug activity was reported at apartments off North Ninth Street. The caller reported hearing someone talk about cutting something with Aspirin.

A caller on Sweetwater Street reported to police that their neighbors had a large dead dog in the yard across the alley.

Several reports of fireworks came in to LPD on Friday evening; one was in the area of Dabich and South Ninth; two other reports came after midnight, one on Pushroot Court and another in the area of Bonnie Brae.

At 3:55 a.m. on Saturday, a caller on Black Boulevard complained that their neighbors had loud music playing, possibly karaoke.

At 2 p.m., a caller on Capitol Street wanted to talk to police about someone cutting his hedges without his approval.

At 2:21 a.m. on Sunday, police were called to Grand View Drive for a report of a naked subject trying to get into a building.

Pills were reportedly stolen from a location on North Ninth Street.

At 1:16 p.m. on Sunday a caller on Welch Boulevard reported that someone was going door to door to do a survey. The caller found them suspicious.

At 5:58 a.m. on Monday, police were called to the 400 block of Main Street for a person walking in the area wearing a mask.

Lander Volunteer Firefighters responded to several calls over the weekend. Early Saturday evening, firefighters were called to a home on the 800 block of South Ninth Street where a fire had started in a garage. Neighbors reportedly got a start at hosing down the flames before firefighters arrived. Fire Administrator Nick Hudson said the fire started somehow in a garbage can. No major damage occurred. Later that evening on Valley View firefighters were called for a possible structure fire. A TV was found to have shorted out, and no major damage occurred.

On Sunday afternoon, firefighters were called to the alley between Jefferson and Washington streets, on the 400 block, for a report of a smell of gas. Firefighters located a gas meter that had been struck and stood-by while the gas company shut the gas off.


Riverton Police Department


Taylor Whitt, 20, Riverton, on a Contempt of Court warrant

William Klaproth, 21, Riverton, Public Intoxication,  .27 percent BAC. A woman in the 600 block of South 3rd West is probably locking her house up at night now. At 4:53 a.m. Saturday morning, while sleeping, she awoke to find a man standing in her bedroom doorway. She yelled at the man to leave, he allegedly told her, “sorry” and then fell into the kitchen, where police found him sleeping on the floor. The man, 21 year-old Cody William Klaproth of Riverton, had a blood alcohol level of .27 percent. After the police woke him up, he claimed there was no problem and that he was at a friend’s house. He didn’t believe police that it wasn’t his friend’s place until they got him on his feet and he looked around. He was arrested for public intoxication. Most recently, Klaproth was nabbed as Riverton’s Razor Racer, who used an ATV to avoid capture in several high speed pursuits around town.

John Chavez, 32, Riverton, Public Intoxication,  .35 percent BAC

Michael Thomson, 32, Appleton, WI,  on 2 Counts of Simple Assault, Public Intoxication and Interference.

Reuben Behan, 28, Riverton, on a Failure to Appear warrant

Two 17-year-old males from Ethete, cited for Unlawful Use of Toxic Substances. Police were called by employees to the Gem Theatre at eight minutes past midnight early Friday reporting that some young people in one of their theaters were huffing. Police responded, made contact with a group of juveniles, and two of the juveniles admitted to using an aerosol can for huffing. They were cited and released to responsible parties.


Police took no action after receiving a call on Friday morning at three minutes past midnight when a 12-year-old boy’s father came home with some beer. The child became frustrated about that and took out his anger by striking a neighbor’s fence with an axe. The owner of the fence said he would take care of the minor damage. A father and son talk followed in which the Dad apologized to his son, saying that he didn’t realize how his drinking had affected his boy.

A man in the 200 block of West Sunset woke up Friday to find his house temperature at 80°F. He told police he went outside to look at his air conditioner unit and found a garden trowel placed through the vents that kept the motor from running. There are no suspects and there was no damage.

A woman reported that her vehicle had been stolen from where she had left it unlocked and with the keys in it at an address on College Hill Drive. A check of records indicated the vehicle had been involved with a county sheriff’s department call on Thursday night, and that the vehicle had been towed and impounded.

At 9:20 a.m. on Friday, an employee at the Taco John’s restaurant on West Main called to complain that someone had been using their dumpster, and they found a mail box with the address still visible on it among the trash. Police went to that address and found a contractor who had been working at the house. He admitted that he used the Taco John’s dumpster for disposal of construction debris. He was advised not to do that any longer.

A blue mountain bicycle that had not been licensed was reported missing from an address in the 900 block of West Main. The bicycle had been missing several weeks, according to the police report. A short time later, a caller reported that they had found a blue mountain mike, a Roadmaster model, in the weeds along North 16th east. The bike was taken to the RPD’s bicycle impound. It is not known if the missing and found bike are one in the same. Police will follow-up.

Those darn Kirby Vacuum cleaner salesmen are at it again. A resident on North Pointe Drive called police to report the door-to-door sales people were looking in windows of their neighbor’s houses trying to see if any one was inside. The sales people were gone upon police arrival in the area.

A called complained to police that a camper trailer parked in the city lot was being lived in by someone. Police checked and found the registered owner of the trailer is currently a resident at the Fremont County Detention Center. Police will follow-up and have the trailer towed if it is not moved.

An employee at the El Sol de Mexico restaurant called police to report that a man who had telephoned in an order had left without paying for it, or another woman’s to-go order that he grabbed and ran out of the restaurant with. A police reported indicated the man arrived to pick up his meal, but it wasn’t ready yet, and he became agitated, loud and abusive. When another woman’s to go order was delivered, the man grabbed it an ran out. The restaurant apologized to the woman, and he order was cooked again. The employee said the man’s order totaled $34.25.

Saturday, July 12th

A window was reported broken at Jerry’s Flowers and Things, but police determined it was probably not vandalism. Officers found a front plate glass window with small a “starred crack” in it. It was guessed that a rock thrown off by a vehicle tire was probably the culprit.

A woman who recently broke up with her boyfriend, who then subsequently moved to Alabama, began sending his ex threatening texts. The man allegedly said he would have some people come over and beat up her new roommate, a disabled man. Police are following up and plan to contact the man in Alabama.

A woman reported that she was visiting her brother and petting his puppy when a woman reclining on his couch suddenly sprang up, attacked her and began pulling her hair. The brother broke up the altercation and ordered the other woman to leave, which she did. The brother told police that he knew the woman, and was letting her rest at his place because she had just had a seizure. The victim refused medical treatment, although police did find some of the woman’s hair on the floor that the suspect had pulled out. Police are attempting the contact the suspect.

A man staying at the Old Wyoming Motel said he came home from work Saturday evening to find a bottle of prescription medication missing. The man said the drug was Tramadol and that the bottle contained 110 pills. No one had access to his room, he said, except motel staff. Police are attempting to contact the person who was on duty Saturday morning.


A man found sleeping early Sunday morning under a vehicle at Fremont Motors in the 1400 block of North Federal was given a ride to a friend’s residence.

A report that a woman wanted to get rid of her child was deemed to be unfounded. Police found the mother and her 10-year-old child both sleeping and okay. The woman said her ex husband made up the charge.

A 78-year-old man who was having a diabetic issue was confused was reported wandering around near Spire Drive and West Monroe. Police found the man and got him home.

A man under the influence of hydrocodone and valium was reported as a possible intoxicated man who left a local restaurant and began driving away. Police stopped the vehicle and informed the man it was not safe for him to be driving, and a friend was called to take the man home.

At 11:28 a.m. a motorcycle versus car crash was called in. A 2004 Kawasaki struck a blue/gray 2005 Toyota in the 900 block of East Pershing. Over $1,000 in damage was reported. The only injury was to a six-year-old passenger on the motorcycle, who was wearing sunglasses inside her helmet and got a bump on the head when the helmet struck the sunglasses.

Police were called to the 400 block of Sycamore Street where a woman was reported to be banging on a car with a hammer. And that’s what they found when they got there. But it was her car and she was trying to hammer out a dent.

Jim’s Aircraft Service called the police after a person who rented a 2010 black Ford Explorer from them for the day, returned it and it was found to smell of marijuana smoke. A no-smoking sticker on the dashboard had also been removed and there were “ashes all over.” The business wanted police documentation of the vehicle’s condition as they will add a $200 damage/security charge to the driver’s credit card.

Sunday evening was not a good day for a 12-year-old bicycle rider. He called police to report that some other juveniles were harassing him. The youth said he was riding his bike on West Sunset and decided to take a shortcut along a ditch to another street. As he was riding along the ditch a van pulled up with two teenagers in it, telling him he was not allowed there and they started pushing him toward the water. Just as that was occurring, another car drove up and the two teens got back into their van and left. The man told the young cyclist that he wasn’t allowed there and to leave. To complete the trifecta, police also advised the boy that he should not have gone there, and should not go there again. It was private property.


Fremont County Coroner

The cause of death of 50-year-old Ivan Wanstall of Ethete is awaiting further tests and toxicology reports after an autopsy was performed on Saturday. Wanstall’s body was found Friday. “There is nothing overtly suspicous,” said Chief Deputy Coroner Mark Stratmoen.

The death of 42-year-old Brandi Galles of Lander has not yet been determined, pending receipt of medical records and toxicology tests.  Deputy Coroner Erin Ivy reported Galles died at SageWest Health Center-Lander.