What do you grill with- Pellets or Propane?

(Riverton, Wyo) – Who doesn’t love the outdoor experience and the wonderful flavor grilling adds to your food? But have you found yourself wondering which is a better option to grill with- Pellets or Propane?

Copyright: Stocksnapper

Copyright: Stocksnapper

Riverton Bloedorn expert, Chuck Hoenes gives his advice- “A Traeger Pellet Grill is a much smarter option over your ordinary propane grill. It does not char or burn your food. It cooks evenly, adding a smoked and crisp flavor to everything you cook. You do not have to stand over your Traeger Grill to supervise with a bottle of water aimed at flame-ups. With the temperature control, you can walk away and rely on this gage to maintain the perfect temp. A Traeger Grill has a built-in smoker like an oven, with a smoke infusion for optimal flavor. Try to get this experience from a propane gas grill. It’s incomparable. For the optimum experience in grilling, try a Traeger Pellet Grill and you will never go back to the dark side of propane grilling!”

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Bloedorn Lumber in Riverton has your Traeger Pellet Grills stocked and fully loaded for your grilling parties this summer. Just turn it on and in a short minute you’re cooking with real wood pellets for optimal flavor. Whether it is burgers, steaks, pork chops, chicken, pizza or your favorite side dish, you’ll taste the difference with a Traeger.

Come by 1202 N. Federal and pick up Dave’s Famous recipe on Smoked Elk Roast, sure to spice up your summer!

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Treager Tip:
Always pre-burn all new Traeger grills before you start smoking or grilling. We’ll supply the first bag of pellets complimentary to you!
Get the best out of your Traeger Grill by asking the experts when you visit your local Bloedorn Lumber in Riverton.

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