Nearly $2.4 million raised in Riverton by optional tax; Approved projects on schedule

(Riverton, Wyo.) – Since the start of collections, the optional one cent tax for local infrastructure has generated $2,394,188.05 in revenue to the city.

In a memorandum to the mayor, city council and executive city staff on Tuesday, Utilities Division Manager Dawn Willhelm gave an accounting of how the funds have been used to date.

The For Our Roads Citizens Committee has recommended projects around the city for the use of the funds, and those projects were approved by the City Council. Willhelm said 50 percent of the streets identified for work have been addressed and that concrete curb, gutter and sidewalk replacement is on schedule and 30 percent complete.

Of the more than $2.9 million in revenue, $358,771 has been expended to date on the Woodridge Estates area, $140,000 on South Federal Boulevard Utility work, $944,083 on the Miscellaneous Concrete project around town, and $390,770 on a major patching project. During the month of June, expenditures out of the fund totaled $149,278.10 leaving the balance in the optional one cent, or FORCC special fund, at $465,669.

City Administrator Steven Weaver said a monthly report is planned so residents can be updated on the work underway and work completed. He said the city needs to do a better job of getting the one cent tax project signs into the areas where work is occurring. “We want people to know that their optional one cent tax is being used the way it was sold to them,” he said.