Oklahoma woman reported loss of over $2k in jewelry left in hotel room

(Riverton, Wyo.) – A 60-year-old Collinsville, Oklahoma woman called Riverton Police to report that some $2,100 in jewelry was missing from a hotel room that she had been staying in on the 900 block of West Main. The woman said she was moved from the original room she had occupied because of pet issue, and she forgot that she put her jewelry on top of the room’s armoire (wardrobe) and forgot about them. Reported missing is a diamond ring valued at $1,000, a gold chain with a diamond cross pendant valued at $1,000 and a family ring with her grandchildren’s birthstones in it valued at $150, but that was “priceless” for sentimental reasons. Police contacted the housekeeping department at the Days Inn, and learned that they had searched both rooms without finding any jewelry. On the way out of town, the complainant called police to report that the jewelry might’ve ended up in the trash, the laundry, or perhaps even it might’ve been misplaced in her luggage, and she would call back if she found the items. So far, no calls.