Family, Friends, Colleagues urge naming floor at Wolverine gym after former coach

(Riverton, Wyo.) – The family, colleagues and friends of the late Bill Strannigan appeared at the Riverton School Board meeting Wednesday night to request that the floor of Wolverine Gym carry the legendary coach’s name.

Strannigan’s wife Clarice recalled Bill’s more than 50 year-long association with Riverton and District #25. “It’s next to impossible to summarize one’s life in less than five minutes,” she said, but she gave it shot.

Bill Strannigan died at age 80 of lukemia in 2012.

Bill Strannigan died at age 80 of leukemia in 2012.

Strannigan was the first athletic director for Riverton High School, a long-time basketball coach and he earned kudos throughout the state for his work, not only in athletics, but also with students and the community. “Please consider this to keep alive his memory and honor his more than 50 years of service,” She said.

Others who spoke included Mike Harris, who said he was mentored by Strannigan. “No one is held in any higher standard in the state for all the things Clarice said. For what he brought to the community, this should be considered,” he said.

Former Lander and Kelly Walsh coach Jerry Burridge of Casper also spoke. “There is no one who has done more for Riverton or Riverton High School than Bill Strannigan,” he said. “His dedication to Riverton and Fremont County was second to none.”

Superintendent Terry Snyder noted that Bill Strannigan “is the most honored and decorated employee the district has ever had.” Snyder said the Bill Strannigan East-West Basketball Tournament is held each fall, that the RHS Booster Club has two $500 annual scholarships in his name and that he is in the Coaches Hall of Fame. Snyder noted it has been the past practice of the board not to name buildings or facilities after former employees. He said the request would be considered, and could be part of a larger Hall of Fame being planned by RHS.

A large gathering of friends and colleagues of Bill Strannigan attended Wednesday's meeting. (Ernie Over photo)

A large gathering of friends and colleagues of Bill Strannigan attended Wednesday’s meeting in support of naming the floor of Wolverine Gym after the former coach and athletic administrator. (Ernie Over photo)